ARINC / Avionics Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules Datasheets

Dichroic LCDs
from CEF Industries LLC

Dichroic LCDs have a long and reliable history in aircraft environments. The longevity of the Dichroic display technology derives from the excellent visibility in direct, shafting sunlight and almost constant contrast across a wide viewing area. Dichroic LCDs work on a light absorbed by dyes added... [See More]

  • Features / Applications: ARINC / Avionics
  • Number of Lines: 3
  • Display Type: Character Display
  • Characters per Line: 2 to 4
LCD Module
from Interface Displays & Controls

Features. LCD module types available. Dichroic. Twisted Nematic (T/N). Modular construction. Small size, low power. Built-in electronics. Interface-to-host microcomputer. LCD drivers. LCD heater. LCD heater control. Variable display capability. Readable in direct sunlight or total darkness. Color... [See More]

  • Features / Applications: ARINC / Avionics; Computer Applications; MIL-SPEC / Military
  • Technology: Twisted Nematic; Dichroic
  • Display Type: Character Display; Graphic Display
  • Backlight: Electro Luminescent (optional feature); Light Emitting Diode (optional feature)