Display Color:Other Vacuum Fluorescent Displays Datasheets

M-VIEWfleet Amber -- M-LOG-DIS-002

Displays up to 8 lines, 4 illuminated function buttons, front panel scroll [See More]

  • Display Color: Other; Amber
  • Number of Rows: 2 to 8
  • Display Type: Alpha-Numeric
  • Luminance: 800
3000 Series -- GU256x16M-3900
from Noritake Co., Inc. / Electronics and Ceramics Division

5/24 volt 80/270mA, parallel interface [See More]

  • Display Color: Blue (optional feature); Green (optional feature); Blue-Green; Yellow (optional feature); Orange (optional feature); Red (optional feature); Other (optional feature); Filter For More Colors
  • Viewing Area Width: 307
  • Display Type: Graphic
  • Viewing Area Height: 25.35