DC Voltage Analog Panel Meters Datasheets

3 1/2" and 6" Switchboard Meter
from Weschler Instruments

3 1/2" and 6" Switchboard Meters. Accuracy: ±1.5% (1151/1251). Single (1146/1151) or Dual Indicators (1246/1251). Rugged Construction. Flush Stacking. EMI Shielded. Illumination Available. Single/Dual Models 1151/1251 and 1146/1246. These meters were initially developed to meet the demanding... [See More]

  • Input Type: AC Voltage; DC Voltage; AC Current; DC Current
  • Scale Length: 3.5 to 6
  • Scale Type: Zero-Left; Zero-Center; Zero-Right
  • Face Type: Round Front Face
from Brighton Electronics, Inc.

Panel board style, large range of inputs available, optional dual scale [See More]

  • Input Type: DC Voltage; 0.5-10,000VDC
  • Face Type: Rectangular
  • Scale Type: Zero-Center
  • Meter Mechanism: Pivot and Jewel
250 Degree Series Industrial Analog Panel Meters -- 250-20
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

The Hoyt 250 ° meters utilize a highly damped, spring loaded pivot and jewel movement; mechanically interlocked, negating the use of adhesives and develops a very high torque. The meters are desirable for the following applications: Emergency Vehicles. Marine Instrumentation. Speed (RPM). [See More]

  • Input Type: DC Voltage; DC Current
  • Face Type: Round Front Face
  • Scale Type: Zero-Left
  • Meter Mechanism: Pivot and Jewel
Analog Panel Meter -- 44F7221 [420G152-0041 from Triplett / Jewell Instruments]
from Newark / element14

Analog Panel Meter; Meter Function:DC Millivoltmeter; Meter Range:0mV to 50mV; Meter Size/Dimensions:103.3mm x 115.6mm; Scale Length:4.03"; Barrel Size:2.75"; Display Accuracy ±:2%; Meter Shape:Rectangular [See More]

  • Input Type: DC Voltage
  • Voltage Range: 0.0 to 0.0500
  • Scale Length: 4.03
  • Width: 103
Analog Panel Meter -- 100c
from Prime Technology

These precision meters combine small size, light weight and high sensitivity with a rugged construction that withstands extremes of shock, acceleration, altitude, vibration, and environment. General Features. Rugged, yet highly sensitive, miniaturized meters in round or square design. Models... [See More]

  • Input Type: AC Voltage (optional feature); DC Voltage (optional feature); AC Current (optional feature); DC Current (optional feature); Single Phase AC Power
  • Face Type: Round Front Face
  • Scale Type: Zero-Left; Zero-Center (optional feature); Zero-Right (optional feature)
  • Analog Input Channels: 1
Round Style 125 -- 8890
from Simpson Electric Company

±2% full scale accuracy, UL recognized [See More]

  • Input Type: DC Voltage; Single Phase AC Power; 0-10V
  • Scale Length: 1.8
  • Scale Type: Zero-Left
  • Face Type: Round Front Face
Dual-Vue Switchboard -- 123011ABAB
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

DUAL-VUE switchboard meters are combination Digital/Analog indicating instruments. They can be configured to accept ACV, ACA, DCV, or DCA input. Both the digital and analog displays can be modified to represent virtually any scaling or engineering units as required. The unit is contained in a 4 1/4... [See More]

  • Input Type: DC Voltage; Frequency; 0 to 50mV
  • Scale Length: 6.35
  • Scale Type: Zero-Left
  • Face Type: Round Front Face

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