Standards:Other Surge Suppressors Datasheets

RS-422 High Energy Surge Protector -- BB-422HESP
from Advantech

Three stages of protection on every data line: 1) Gas discharge tube 2) Series resistor 3) Transient voltage suppressor. Protected signal ground connection. Rugged terminal block connections. Dedicated chassis ground lug [See More]

  • Standards: CE Marking; IEEE; FCC
  • Technology: Gas Tubes
  • Device Type: Dataline & DC Signal
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
10 A 120 V AC Filter - Surge Suppressor -- 4983-DC120-10
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Combination Filter and Surge Suppressor, 10 A, 120 V AC Control Circuit,UL 1449 and UL 1283, DIN Rail Mounting [See More]

  • Standards: CE Marking; CSA Mark; UL; UL,CSA,CE,CUL,KC
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
Monitoring Relay Surge Arrester for PV System Type DSF D
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

DSF D is a Type 2 (Class C) surge arrester according to EN 61643-11 (VDE 0675, part 6-11) and UL1449 3rd edition suitable for protecting DC systems from transient overvoltage due to both indirect atmospheric discharges and switching actions. It is available both in 2-pole or 3-pole configurations,... [See More]

  • Standards: UL 1449 Third Edition; UL; EN 61643-11, VDE 0675, part 6-11, UL1449 3rd ed.
  • Technology: Gas Tubes
  • Device Type: SPD; Lightning Arrestor
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
D60301R Series -- D60301-001R
from Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc.

Data and I/O are often overlooked as sources of problems for automation processes. Many times damaging transient can come in through the "back door" and disrupt a control system or damage a critical sensor because most industrial control hardware does not come with transient protection, it has to be... [See More]

  • Standards: CE Marking; IEC; UL; UL497B
  • Technology: Gas Tubes; Hybrid; Tanzorbs, Inductors, and Resistors
  • Device Type: SPD; Dataline & DC Signal
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
Branch Panel AC Power Panel SPD, MDS 300 Series

UL Type 1 Surge Protection Device (SPD). Real Time Diagnostics. Optional Intergrated Discount. Itotal 8/20us: 300 kA. Itotal 10/350us: 50 kA. Pluggable module for each mode. UL 1449 4th Edition [See More]

  • Standards: CSA Mark; UL; RoHS; EN 61643-11 - Europe, NF EN 61643-11 - France
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • Device Type: SPD; Three Phase; Lightning Arrestor
  • Application: Service Entrance
Over Voltage Protector -- HAW562
from Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The HAW562 surge arrester is used to protect electronic components from being destroyed by overvoltage. It ensures that overvoltage surges which occur in signal cables (e.g. 4 to 20 mA), in communication lines (Field buses) and in power lines are safely passed into the ground. The functionality of... [See More]

  • Standards: IEC; SIL2 Conformity
  • Technology: Gas Tubes
  • Device Type: SPD; Lightning Arrestor
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
Transient Protection Modules: 100 W - LGDS100 Series
from GAIA Converter

The GAIA Converter limitor LGDS-100 is an ultra compact power adaptator module designed to allow operation during voltage transients and spikes, occuring in avionics or military systems. The LGDS-100 delivers an output voltage adapted to GAIA Converter DC/DC modules. This module is optimized to... [See More]

  • Standards: RoHS; MIL-STD704 & 1275, EN2282, DO160
  • Mounting: Plug-in; PCB
  • Device Type: SPD
  • Application: Telecom. Applications; Military, Aerospace
BNC-Male to BNC-Female Bulkhead 0-3 GHz 90V -- AL-BMBFB-9
from L-com, Inc.

Lightning Protector Model AL-BMBFB-9 is a gas discharge tube suppressor featuring wide-band operation up to 3 GHz. This unit features a BNC-Male to BNC-Female Bulkhead connector with a rubber O-ring seal for mounting through an enclosure wall or with the included aluminum mounting bracket. Due to... [See More]

  • Standards: IEC; IEEE; RoHS; MIL-C-71A, 39012 Standard
  • Technology: Gas Tubes
  • Device Type: Dataline & DC Signal; Single Phase; Plug-in Style; Lightning Arrestor; Coaxial Surge Suppressors; Bulkhead 0-3 GHz 90V
  • Mounting: In-line or Integrally Attached
Data Line Surge Protector -- DLP-10H-100V0

The DLP H & HH series provides superior surge protection for data and signal line applications. Using higher capacity components, these units offer an improved level of reliability than other similarly priced products. To cover a broader range of applications, four different styles of protection... [See More]

  • Standards: UL; UL497B
  • Technology: Silicon Avalanche Diode
  • Device Type: SPD; Dataline & DC Signal
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel; Device Mount; In-line or Integrally Attached
I-Line Plug-On Unit SPD -- FC1IMA12
from Schneider Electric Surge Protection

Application flexibility, lower installation cost, retrofit ready [See More]

  • Standards: NEC SCCR
  • Technology: Metal Oxide Varistor
  • Device Type: Dataline & DC Signal
  • Mounting: Plug-in
"Touch Friendly" Terminal Data Transmission Line Series -- DMxxxAy-B
from Surge Suppression Incorporated

"Touch Friendly" Terminal Strip Connected Data Transmission Line Protection - UL497B Listed [See More]

  • Standards: UL 497B Rating; UL; ISO 9001:2008
  • Technology: Hybrid; Up to 2Mbs
  • Device Type: SPD; Dataline & DC Signal
  • Mounting: DIN Rail (optional feature); Device Mount; In-line or Integrally Attached; "Touch Friendly" Enclosure