Intrinsically Safe Vibration Measurement Instruments and Vibration Analyzers Datasheets

from Ludeca, Inc.

The VIBNODE is the most comprehensive entry-level online monitoring system allowing the end-user to access customized spectrums from a remote location. VIBNODE ’s functionality includes scanning 6 or 12 channels, making it ideal for replacement of switchboxes or new installations. The system... [See More]

  • Features: Filters; Intrinsically Safe (optional feature)
  • Signal Inputs: Voltage
  • Number Channels: 6 to 12
  • User Interface: Computer Interface
Pocket Size Vibration Meter -- Model SH2000
from Metrix Instrument Co.

Accurate, piezoelectric accelerometer sensor, 9V battery included [See More]

  • Features: Battery Powered; Intrinsically Safe
  • Frequency Range: 5 to 10000
  • Acceleration: 0.1000 to 50
  • Number Channels: 1