Weatherproof Power Rectifiers Datasheets

Upper Mount Type S-Former Mini Rectifier
from Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Fuji Electric System ’s highly reliable thyristor DC power supply unit is the fruit of our substantial expertise in large-current technology nurtured over the years. Select the most suitable design for your facility, based on the wealth of available options. Our large-current rectifier (trade... [See More]

  • Features: DC Output; Integral Heatsink; Overcurrent Protection; Overvoltage Protection; Power Factor Correction; Short Circuit Protection; Weatherproof
  • Voltage: 230 VAC only; 220/440V AC
  • Style/Mounting: Large Capacity Floor Standing
  • Maximum: 60000
10.8kW Power System -- SWPR-4200
from Dongah Elecomm

Modular Design4 Rectifier Modules for a total of 200 AmpsLow Voltage Disconnect for battery protectionBattery Connection for providing battery backup.N + 1 Redundant RectifiersFull Featured Status and AlarmRS485 Serial InterfaceWorld Wide Safety ApprovalRectifier SRM5450 Rectifier ModuleAC & DC... [See More]

  • Features: Battery Backup; Computer Interface; DC Output; Fan Cooled; Overcurrent Protection; Overvoltage Protection; Weatherproof
  • Voltage: 208 VAC only (optional feature); 230 VAC only (optional feature)
  • Style/Mounting: Enclosed; Module
  • Frequency: 50 Hz; 60 Hz