Features:Other Solid State Relays Datasheets

Industrial, 1-Phase ZS (IO) w. LED and Built-in Varistor Solid State Relays -- RM1A23A100
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

bull; Zero switching (RM1A) or instant-on switching (RM1B) AC Solid State Relay. • Direct copper bonding (DCB) technology. • LED indication. • Built-in varistor 230, 400, 480, 600V. • Clip-on IP 20 protection cover. • Self-lifting terminals. • Housing free of moulding... [See More]

  • Features: Built-in Heat Sink; Touch Protection
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: Optically
  • Mounting: Bracket (Flange) Mount
Compact Solid State Relays (SSRs) -- G3NE
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The G3NE Series of low-cost solid state relays are used to control resistance heaters in conjunction with temperature controllers. Solid state relays are SPST, normally open switching devices with no moving parts, capable of millions of hours of operation. By applying a control signal, an SSR... [See More]

  • Features: Thermal Conductive Pad
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Type: DC
  • Application Type: General
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Range: 4 to 28.8
Power Switching solid state relays -- 53024
from Micropac Industries, Inc.

The 53024 is a military SPST solid-state relay. This small, light-weight device is resistant to damage from shock and vibration, and immune to contact-related problems (contamination, arcing) associated with mechanical equivalents. Optical coupling between the input and output stages provides... [See More]

  • Features: TTL Compatible; CMOS Compatible
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: MilSpec
  • Mounting: Socket or Plug-in Style
POWER-GATE™ Programmable Autonomous Relay
from Perfect Switch, LLC

Programmable Autonomous Relays have an integrated factory programmable microcontroller with options like timing features, delays, voltage sensing turn-on or turn-off, and logic feedback for easy system integration. Commonly used as a traditional Low Voltage Disconnect, the POWER-GATE Autonomous... [See More]

  • Features: Over-Current Protection; Overvoltage Protection; Reversing; Visual Indicator; Programmable
  • Application Type: Automotive; Industrial, Photovoltaic, Marine
  • Solid State Relay Type: MilSpec
  • Mounting: Bracket (Flange) Mount (optional feature); Various Packaging Options Available