Turn-on Switching:Other Solid State Relays Datasheets

Solid State Relay -- WG A8 6 05-LC
from Comus International

DC Input - Triac Output - 1 Phase - PCB Mounting (WG A4/ A8) / Module Board (MMPB. WG A8 6 05-PC : 600V peak-off-state / 5A / 280Vac / Phase Control [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Phase Angle w/ Linearization
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: Transformer
  • Mounting: Socket or Plug-in Style
Monophase Solid State Power Units With Heat-sink, Analogue Control -- W312
from Gefran

The "WATTCOR W312" thyristor power controllers are designed to control: - standard resistive loads with a low temperature coefficient,. - short, wave infrared heaters. - Inductive loads, transformer primaries. They can be used in the following cases: Single-phase: connection of the load and... [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Phase-Angle Switching
  • Mounting: DIN (optional feature); Panel (optional feature)
  • Application Type: General
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Type: AC
ESR3 Series -- ESR3D05A20200
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Features. Optically Isolated. Low On-State Resistance. Low Input Power Consumption. TTL and CMOS Compatible. RC networks (VAC). MOSFET Output Thyristor (VDC) [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Low On State Resistance
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: Optically
  • Mounting: PCBoard

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