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from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

The analog switching relay works in accordance with the phase angle control principle, i.e., the output switching point in the AC sine wave depends on the control input which can be either 4-20mA or 0-10VDC. 4 mA or 0VDC correspond to zero output power whilst 20 mA or 10VDC correspond to full. [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Phase Angle, Full Cycle or Burst Control
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: NonIsolated
  • Mounting: DIN (optional feature); Chassis Mount
Solid State Relays -- WG A8 6 05-LC
from Comus International

DC Input - Triac Output - 1 Phase - PCB Mounting (WG A4/ A8) / Module Board (MMPB. WG A8 6 05-PC : 600V peak-off-state / 5A / 280Vac / Phase Control [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Phase Angle w/ Linearisation
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: Transformer
  • Mounting: Socket or Plug-in Style
Monophase Solid State Power Units With Heat-sink, Analogue Control -- W312
from Gefran

The "WATTCOR W312" thyristor power controllers are designed to control: - standard resistive loads with a low temperature coefficient,. - short, wave infrared heaters. - Inductive loads, transformer primaries. They can be used in the following cases: Single-phase: connection of the load and... [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Phase-Angle Switching
  • Mounting: DIN (optional feature); Panel (optional feature)
  • Application Type: General
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Type: AC
ESR3 Series -- ESR3D05A20200
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Features. Optically Isolated. Low On-State Resistance. Low Input Power Consumption. TTL and CMOS Compatible. RC networks (VAC). MOSFET Output Thyristor (VDC) [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Low On State Resistance
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: Optically
  • Mounting: PCBoard
Solid State Relay -- TA610
from H.O. Trerice Co.

The Trerice TA600 Series Solid State Relay has no moving parts, rendering it impervious to shock and vibration, and giving it a virtually infinite life. [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Arc Free Switching
  • Mounting: Bracket (Flange) Mount
  • Application Type: General
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Type: DC