Random Turn-on Solid State Relays Datasheets

Solid State Relay -- WG A8 6D
from Comus International

PCB Mounting, AC Loads, 3 to 5A/280V. Especially developed for PCB mounting with very small dimensions and load currents of 3A or 5A. There are types with 600 V peak-off-state voltage as well as types with 1200 V available. The WG A5 is available in zero cross switching (Z-types) for resistive and... [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Random; Zero Switching
  • Output Voltage Type: AC
  • Mounting: PCBoard
  • Maximum Switching Current: 5.00
ESR2 Series -- ESR2001200301
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Features. PCB Mount; Single in Line Package. Optically Isolated. Input LED Indicator. High dv/dt and High Blocking Voltage. Low Input power Consumption, TTL and CMOS Compatible. Zero Voltage Turn-on, Zero Current Turn-off (minizes EMI/RFI). High Surge Rating Allows Lamp and Motor Load Switching. [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Random
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: Optically
  • Mounting: PCBoard
Power Controller -- SSR
from Watlow®

Watlow solid state relays (SSR) offer many of the advantages of solid state power controllers, but at a lower cost. Watlow's extensive knowledge in power controller design led to the development of a special fast cycle input card that enables a solid state relay to operate from a standard 4-20mA... [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Random (optional feature)
  • Mounting: Panel
  • Application Type: General
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Type: AC; DC