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Miniature Rocker Switch -- 1M Series
from Carling Technologies, Inc.

The 1M family of miniature rocker & paddle switches is composed of two switch series: 1M1-Series miniature rocker and paddle switch, 1MS-Series sealed miniature rocker and paddle switch. These series of PC mount sub-miniature rocker switches offer a variety of ratings, circuits, contact materials,... [See More]

  • Rocker Actuator: Rocker (optional feature); Paddle (optional feature)
  • Momentary Contact Switch Function: Momentary ON (optional feature); Three Position Momentary (Center OFF) (optional feature); Three Position Momentary (Center NEUTRAL) (optional feature)
  • Switch Function: Momentary
  • Pole & Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Single Throw (optional feature); Double Pole, Single Throw (optional feature)
Rocker Switch 4PDT 15A/125Vac 20A/28Vdc -- 78454900382-1 [104TP82-3 from Honeywell Analytics, Inc.]
from Carlton-Bates Company

Rocker Switch: Switch Type - Rocker Switch; Circuit Configuration - 4PDT; Amps/12-125Vac - 15A/125Vac; Amps/250V - 15A/250Vac; Amps/Vdc - 20A/28Vdc; Horsepower - 0.5Hp/125Vac, 1Hp/250, 277Vac; Voltage - 277Vac; Terminals - IWTS 14-16 AWG; Mounting Type - Screw-On, Above Panel; Mounting Dimensions -... [See More]

  • Rocker Actuator: Rocker
  • Width: 0.8700
  • Length / Diameter: 1.46
  • Pole & Throw Specifications: 4PDT
Rocker Switches -- 480-3927-ND [102TP82-10 from Honeywell Sensing and Control]
from Digi-Key Corporation


  • Switch Function: Maintained
  • Pole & Throw Specifications: Double Pole, Double Throw
  • Maintained Contact Switch Function: Three Position (No Center OFF)
  • Current Rating: 15
TP Series Rocker Switch, 1 pole, 2 position, Quick Connect terminal, Flush Panel Mounting -- 1TP910-3
from Honeywell Sensing and Control

MICRO SWITCH ™ TP Rocker switches may be mounted flush with panel for a low-button profile or above panel for a distinct button appearance. Buttons measure 22,1 mm x 37,1 mm [.87 in x 1.46 in]. They are removable and interchangeable, and come in transparent plastic, translucent plastic, and... [See More]

  • Pole & Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Double Throw
  • Terminal Type: Quick Connect
Operation Switches -- AJ7
from Panasonic

Features. Power rocker switches for safety requirements. All versions comply with Class II EN61058-1 insulation grade. Insulation distance. 8mm Min. Contact gap. 3mm Min. [See More]

  • Rocker Actuator: Rocker
  • Current Rating: 6 to 10
  • Mechanical Life: 10000
  • AC Voltage Rating: 250
Honeywell Sensing and Control 102TP81-10 MICRO SWITCH™ Electromechanical Switches, MICRO SWITCH™ Rocker Switches -- 102TP81-10 [102TP81-10 from Honeywell Sensing and Control]
from Powell Electronics, Inc.

TP Series Rocker Switch, 2 pole, 3 position, IWTS (14-16 Gage) terminal, Above Panel Mounting [See More]

  • Pole & Throw Specifications: Double Pole, Double Throw
  • AC Voltage Rating: 277
  • Current Rating: 20
  • DC Voltage Rating: 28
Switches -- SS0500-X
from RDI, Inc.

Soldering temp: 245 +/- 5 degrees C, ambient humidity range: less than 85% [See More]

  • Mechanical Life: 100000
  • AC Voltage Rating: 250
  • Current Rating: 5
  • Initial Contact Resistance: 50
300 Series -- 300-3P1
from E-Switch, Inc.

Miniature switch, electrical life: 50,000 make-and-break cycles, full load [See More]

  • Rocker Actuator: Rocker (optional feature); Paddle (optional feature)
  • Pole & Throw Specifications: 3PDT
  • Switch Function: Maintained
  • Current Rating: 5
5000 Series -- 5101
from Lamb Industries, Inc.

Stainless steel bushing, color options [See More]

  • Rocker Actuator: Rocker (optional feature); Paddle (optional feature)
  • Pole & Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Double Throw
  • Switch Function: Maintained
  • Mechanical Life: 50000
1029642 [1802.1108 from Precision Sales & Equipment, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Contact Configuration:2 N/O; Contact Rating:10 (4) A @ 250 Vac; Switch Configuration:on - off; Colour:Charcoal; Operating Temperature Range:-20 - +55CC; IP Rating:IP40; Terminal Type:4.8 mm connector; Case Colour:Black; Rocker Legend:O I; Panel Cut-out:19.2 x 21.9 mm [See More]

  • Length / Diameter: 0.7559
  • Current Rating: 10
  • Width: 0.8622
  • AC Voltage Rating: 250