TE Connectivity 1825073-3 Slide Switches -- 1825073-3 [1825073-3 from TE Connectivity]
from Powell Electronics, Inc.

Always EU RoHS/ELV Compliant Wave solder capable to 265 °C [See More]

  • Actuator Material: Metal
  • Current Rating: 0.1500 to 0.2500
  • Pole & Throw Specifications: Double Pole - Five Throw
  • AC Voltage Rating: 125
SK Series
from Lamb Industries, Inc.

Screw mounted, threaded or unthreaded holes, or PCB mounted [See More]

  • Actuator Material: Plastic (optional feature); Metal (optional feature)
  • Maintained Switch Function: Maintained; ON/OFF (optional feature); ON / ON (Low / High) (optional feature); Three Position (Center-OFF) (optional feature); Three Position (No Center-OFF) (optional feature)
  • Actuator Type: Flush Handle (optional feature); Raised Handle (optional feature)
  • Momentary Switch Function: Momentary (optional feature); Normally Open (NO) (optional feature); Normally Closed (NC) (optional feature); Alternate ON/OFF (optional feature); Three Position Momentary (Center OFF) (optional feature); Three Position Momentary (Center NEUTRAL) (optional feature); Other Momentary Contact (optional feature)