Mounting Options:Other Terminal Blocks Datasheets

Solution Series -- Test Blocks
from ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

Solution series. The polyvalent solution for particular needs. Polyvalent range featuring : IDC, Spring loaded, quick-connect technologies and specific solutions such as Interfast PLC ’s pre-wiring system, and Essailec CT & VT test blocks. Main benefits. Save up to 98% on installation... [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Panel Mount (optional feature); Base, TH35 rail, Flush, Reverse, G32 rail, Half-base mounting Rack mounting
  • Orientation: 90°
  • Terminal Block Type: Test
  • Termination Options: Screw Clamp (optional feature); Tab Connection (optional feature); Ring Tongue, Quick Connect
Terminal Blocks - Barrier Blocks -- 0620320000-ND [0620320000 from Weidmuller]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Mounting Options: Terminal Strip; Chassis, Panel
  • North American: 10 to 22
  • Terminal Block Type: Barrier Block
  • Voltage Rating: 300
from Keystone Electronics Corp.

Type: Terminal Board. Style: Turret Term Board. Terminal Type: Turret - 1503. # of Terminals: 5. Length: 2.625. Material: XP Phenolic. Width: 0.5. Height: Single Row [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Terminal Board
  • Termination Options: Turret - 1503
  • # of Contacts: 5
Front-Mount 8x64 Matrix Terminal Block -- 779056-03
from National Instruments

NI Recommends the NI 2532B Family. Signal connections are made with ribbon cable headers inside the housing. Optional configuration includes 100 Ω protection resistors on the rows and columns. Designed to facilitate column expansion with dual row connections. Configures an NI 2532 as an 8x64... [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Front Mount
  • Termination Options: Ribbon Cable
  • Terminal Block Type: Single Feed Through
1012745 [1757035+1759033 from PHOENIX CONTACT USA]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Type:Terminal Blocks; Number of Contacts:4; Pitch:5.08mm; Termination Method:Screw; Body Orientation:Right Angle; Mounting:Cable Mount; Number of Rows:1; Wire Size:12-24 AWG; Maximum Current Rating:12A; Maximum Voltage Rating:250V dc [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Cable Mount
  • Contacts Pitch: 5.08
  • # of Contacts: 4
  • Orientation: 90°
Conta-Connect -- Model 1384
from Conta-Clip, Inc.

Feed-through terminal for direct mounting, 2 connectors [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Direct Mounting
  • # of Contacts: 2 to 10
  • Terminal Block Type: Single Feed Through
  • Orientation: 90°
KLM Series
from Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Optional blanking plug and cover, up to six terminals [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Base Mount
  • # of Contacts: 1
  • Terminal Block Type: Single Feed Through
  • Orientation: 90°
Rail Mounted Terminal -- Fuse Modules
from Curtis Industries, Inc. - A Division of Power Holdings

Special purpose module, furnished complete with puller/cover [See More]

  • Mounting Options: 35 mm DIN Rail (optional feature); 1.5" Rail
  • # of Contacts: 2
  • Terminal Block Type: Single Feed Through; Fuse Holder or Fuse Block
  • Orientation: 180°
NEMA Rail Terminal Block -- C381FB
from Eaton Corporation - Power Control & Logic Components

600V. Snap-fit nylon sections. Control Circuit Blocks. Power Circuit Blocks. Fuse Blocks. Switch Blocks. Sections can be interlocked in any quantity and any mixture for direct panel mounting or channel mounting. Three terminal choices in Control Circuit Blocks, up to 32 circuits per foot. Power... [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Universal Mounting Foot; Aluminum Mounting Channel
  • # of Contacts: 2
  • Terminal Block Type: Single Feed Through; Knife Switch Disconnect or Switch Block
  • Orientation: 90°
ERITECH® Grounding Products -- Intersystem Bonding Termination
from ERICO

Designed to meet the requirements of 2008 NEC ® Article 250.94 “Bonding for Other Systems, ” the Intersystem Bonding Termination (IBTB), part of the ERITECH ® line of products from ERICO ®, is an easy-to-install way to interconnect and terminate grounding conductors from the... [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Ground Electrode Conductor
  • # of Contacts: 6
  • Terminal Block Type: Ground Circuit Terminal
  • North American: 2 to 14
ETB41 Series
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Screws: zinc plated over steel , dielectric strength: 2000 VAC (Min.) [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Connector Mount
  • # of Contacts: 16
  • Terminal Block Type: Single Feed Through
  • Contacts Pitch: 5.08
Terminal Block -- A-200
from ITOH Denki USA, Inc.

Provided as a standard accessory for each applicable model. Each output shaft should be fixed by the applicable fitting. In case out-put shaft turns freely, it causes the wires to break. The mounting hole and stud portion of Fixture 1 are eccentric, which lets Fixture 2 slide down onto the stud of... [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Conveyor Frame Hole
  • # of Contacts: 3
  • Terminal Block Type: Single Feed Through
  • Orientation: 45 Degree Entry (optional feature); 90° (optional feature); 180° (optional feature)
Field Terminal -- 8601-FT-NI
from MTL Instruments Group

Non-incentive field terminal [See More]

  • Mounting Options: Proprietary "Railbus" Mounting Plate
  • # of Contacts: 16
  • Terminal Block Type: I/O Block
  • Orientation: 180°
DIN RAIL TERMINAL, 2POS, 22-10AWG -- 56T4766
from Newark / element14

DIN RAIL TERMINAL, 2POS, 22-10AWG; Connector Type:DIN Terminal Block; Connector Mounting:DIN Rail; No. of Contacts:2; Wire Size (AWG):22-10 [See More]

  • Mounting Options: DIN Rail
  • # of Contacts: 2
  • Terminal Block Type: Standard
  • North American: 10 to 22
Terminal Block -- TB34
from Sealevel Systems, Inc.

The TB34 terminal block adapter offers a simple solution for connecting RS-422 and RS-485 field wiring to a serial port. The terminal block is compatible with 2-wire and 4-wire RS-485 networks and matches the RS-422/485 pin-out on Sealevel serial devices with DB9 male connectors. A pair of... [See More]

  • Mounting Options: RS-422/485 DB-9
  • # of Contacts: 5
  • Terminal Block Type: I/O Block
  • Orientation: 90°
Drop Connector -- 461072
from StoneL Corporation

Protected Multi-drop Connector (4 Drops). This protected multi-drop connector is compact with DIN rail mount. for wiring AS-Interface networks. It provides terminations for Bus. In, Bus Out, and four (4) individual drops or spurs. Each drop has. a protection circuit, ensuring that a short circuit on... [See More]

  • Mounting Options: DIN Rail
  • # of Contacts: 18
  • Terminal Block Type: I/O Block; Multi-Drop Connector
  • Voltage Rating: 35

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