Waterproof Power Transformers Datasheets

Large Capacity Transformers
from Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Fuji Electric ’s large-capacity transformers are the result of an extensive engineering effort and R & D over many years. These transformers feature well-arranged core construction, winding construction with highly reliable insulation, short-circuit resistance of windings, assembled style... [See More]

  • Features: Waterproof; Outdoor Use
  • Cooling Method: Oil
  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer (optional feature); High Voltage Transformer; Power Transformer; Substation Transformer
  • Mounting: Elephant Type, Direct Couple to GIS, Transportable
Molded Amorphous Metal Transformers
from Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Components and Equipment Division

Hitachi Molded Amorphous Metal Transformers are for inside installation applications. [See More]

  • Features: Waterproof
  • Mounting: Chassis
  • Transformer Type: Three Phase Transformers
  • Construction: Amorphous Steel
Boating Transformers -- BT1616
from Airlink Transformers

BT1616 - Boating Transformers. 1600va 115v to 230v Isolating transformer for Boats to prevent Galvanic corrosion. Prevents Galvanic Corrosion. Transformer for installation on boats to Isolate the vessel ground from the actual ground (ie the earth) in order to prevent galvanic corrosion. 230V input. [See More]

  • Features: Waterproof
  • Construction: Toroidal Core
  • Transformer Type: Isolation
  • Input Voltage: 115