Autotransformer Power Transformers Datasheets

from Radwell International


  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer; Single Phase Transformer; Variac
  • Power Rating (VA): 630
  • Secondary Current Rating: 4.5
Series Auto Transformer, TA-TAE-FPT
from Standex-Meder Electronics

TA-TAE-FPT Series Auto power transformers are line frequency magnetics designed in an open, enclosed package with an economical method of changing voltage levels. These auto transformers are widely used to operate electrical equipment outside of North America. Typically 50% smaller than similar... [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer
  • Input Voltage: 115 to 230
  • Primary Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Output Voltage: 115 to 230
Step-Up/Step-Down Autotransformer -- F-302U
from Triad Magnetics

Description. Triad autotransformers are single winding single phase transformers in which the primary coil is a fraction of the entire winding for voltage step-up or the secondary coil is a fraction of the entire winding for voltage step-down. In ordinary double wound power transformers, the primary... [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer; Encapsulated Transformers; Single Phase Transformer
  • Primary Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Mounting: Chassis
  • Single Phase Configuration: Single
Medium Voltage Dry-Type Autotransformers
from ABB Power Products/Power Systems

Autotransformers have a single winding with two end terminals, and one or more terminals at intermediate tap points, or a transformer in which the primary and secondary coils have part or all of their turns in common. The primary voltage is applied across two of the terminals, and the secondary... [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer; Power Transformer
  • Mounting: Pad-Mounted
  • Cooling Method: Air
  • Input Voltage: 1000 to 36000
Energy Efficient Single Phase Transformers: Group VIII - Auto-Transformers -240 Primary Volts - 120/240 Secondary Volts - 1Ø, 60Hz
from Acme Electric Corp. / Power Distribution Products

Acme's single phase transformers are design for use in industrial and commercial application. Transformers rated up to 25 kVA are enclosed within an encapsulated, NEMA 3R enclosures. Standard transformers rated from 37.5 to 250 kVA are enclosed in ventilated, NEMA 2 enclosures (optional... [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer; Power Transformer; Single Phase Transformer
  • Primary Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Cooling Method: Air
  • Input Voltage: 240
1.5kVA Buck-Boost Transformer: single-phase, 240x120 VAC to 24x12 VAC -- 416-1161-000

240x120 VAC 60Hz buck-boost transformer, 1.5kVA, single-phase, 240x120 VAC primary, 24x12 VAC secondary, NEMA 3R rated. Suitable for use as auto transformer or isolation transformer. [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer; Buck-Boost Transformers; Isolation
  • Output Voltage: 120 to 240
  • Input Voltage: 120 to 240
  • Power Rating (VA): 5000
Autotransformer -- PVAT3 20
from Block USA, Inc.

Input rated voltage 3 x 690 Vac. Output rated voltage 3 x 400 Vac. Rated power 650 - 1386 VA. Ambient temperature +60 ° C. Protection index IP 00. Autotransformer. to: VDE 0570 Part 2-13, DIN EN 61558-2-13, EN 61558-2-13,. IEC 61558-2-13. Matching transformers to adjust the supply voltage of... [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer
  • Output Voltage: 400
  • Input Voltage: 690
  • Power Rating (VA): 650
Prolec Autotransformers
from GE Digital Energy

We offer a wide range of Autotransformers, which are needed to lower or increase the voltages used in transmission lines, and to interconnect systems that operate at different voltage classes. Our autotransformers are used by utilities worldwide. [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer; Power Transformer
  • Input Voltage: 550000 to 1.68E6
  • Primary Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power Rating (VA): 5.00E7 to 1.20E9
from GE Grid Solutions

Transformers. GE offers a wide range of transformer solutions for the utility, industrial, commercial, residential, and energy markets. These products & solutions feature flexible, reliable, and robust designs to support a wide range of applications. With units operating in some of the most... [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer (optional feature); Encapsulated Coil Transformer (optional feature); Distribution Transformer (optional feature); High Voltage Transformer (optional feature); Power Transformer (optional feature); Rectifier Transformer (optional feature); Substation Transformer (optional feature)
  • Mounting: Chassis (optional feature); Pad-Mounted (optional feature); Pole Mounted (optional feature)
  • Cooling Method: Air (optional feature); Oil (optional feature)
11,13 Eliminator™
from Mirus International, Inc.

A 3-phase, low zero sequence impedance autotransformer, which when connected near to and in parallel with the harmonic generating non-linear loads (usually connected at the distribution panel), provides an alternate path for 3rd, 9th, & 15th current harmonics (triplens) which the loads create. [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer; Phase Shifting Autotransformer
  • Input Voltage: 600
  • Primary Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Power Rating (VA): 750000
Group L Series NWGV01 -- CTA100-L01
from PowerVolt, Inc.

Machine tool control transformer (autotransformer), finger-safe terminals [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer
  • Construction: Laminate
  • Mounting: H Frame
  • Primary Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Auto-Transformer -- Model AZ85615
from Toroid Corp. of Maryland

Optional enclosure with or without cord, plug and receptacle [See More]

  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer
  • Construction: Toroidal Core
  • Mounting: Chassis; Dish/Disk
  • Primary Frequency: 60 Hz