Isolated Counter Module -- CNT24-2(USB)GY
from CONTEC Co., Ltd.

CNT24-2(USB)GY is a 24-bit isolation type up-and-down counter module dealing with USB which it can be compact and can be used easily. I can use it for positioning control combining the count of a high-speed pulse signal, and an encoder. Moreover, since it has isolated by the photo-coupler, CPU which... [See More]

  • Computer Bus: USB
  • Number of Counters: 2
  • Counter / Timer Chip: CNT24-2GY
  • Counter Resolution: 24
12-Bit DAQ Device with 8 Analog Input and 16 Digital I/O -- USB-1208FS
from Measurement Computing

Key Highlights. 12-bit (DI), 11-bit (SE) resolution. Up to 50 kS/s sample rate. 8 single-ended or 4 differential analog inputs. Two 12-bit analog outputs. 16 digital I/O lines [See More]

  • Computer Bus: USB
  • Number of Counters: 1
  • Counter / Timer Chip: Event Counter/Timer
  • Counter Resolution: 32