TTL Counter and Timer Boards Datasheets

USB Digital Counter/Timer Module -- USB-CTR-15
from ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Features. High-Speed USB 2.0 device, USB 3.0 compatible. Fifteen independent 16-bit counter/timers (5 x 82C54-10). Clock, gate and out signals from all 15 channels buffered and accessed via 1 connector. PC/104 module size (3.550" by 3.775") and mounting compatibility. Standard configuration adaptor... [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL; CMOS
  • Counter Resolution: 16
  • Number of Counters: 15
  • Maximum Count Frequency: 10000
AcPC Series Counter/Timer with Quadrature -- AcPC482
from Acromag, Inc.

AcPC482: Ten 16-bit counters – TTL. AcPC483: Four 16-bit counters – TTL, and Four 32-bit counters – RS422. AcPC484: Six 32-bit counters – RS422. Several models with a variety of configurations provide up to ten counter/timer channels for counting events, generating waveform... [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL
  • Counter Resolution: 16
  • Number of Counters: 10
  • Maximum Count Frequency: 20000
6-ch, 16-bit Counter/Timer ISA Card -- PCL-836
from Advantech Co., Ltd.

Periodic interrupt generation. 6 independent 16-bit counters. Digital filter for noise reduction. Binary or BCD counting. Programmable frequency output. Complex duty-cycle output. Single-shot output. 16-bit TTL input and 16-bit TTL output ports. Selectable interrupt input channel. Up to 10 MHz input... [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL
  • Number of Counters: 6
  • Counter / Timer Chip: 16-bit Counter/Timer ISA Card
  • Counter Resolution: 16
100 kS/s Analog Input Board with 16 SE or 8 DI 16-Bit Inputs -- PC104-DAS16JR/16
from Measurement Computing

Measurement Computing's PC104-DAS16JR/16 includes InstaCal ™ installation, calibration, and test software. The PC104-DAS16JR/16 is also supported by the Universal Library ™, and many third-party, high-level data acquisition programs. [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL
  • Number of Counters: 3
  • Counter / Timer Chip: 82C54
  • Counter Resolution: 16
NI PCI-6601 and NI-DAQ for Windows 2000/NT/Me/9x, Mac -- 777918-01
from National Instruments

For new applications, consider the NI PCIe-6320 X Series board. It includes four 32-bit counters with a 100 MHz timebase, 16 analog inputs, and 24 digital I/O lines. The NI PCI-6601 is a timing and digital I/O board for PCI computers. It offers four 32-bit counter/timers and up to 32 lines of... [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL; CMOS
  • Counter Resolution: 32
  • Number of Counters: 4
  • Direction: UP/DOWN
32-CH DI & 32-CH DO Timer/Counter Cards -- ACL-7120A
from ADLINK Technology Inc.

Features. Fully compatible with phased-out ACL-7120 in software and hardware. 32-CH TTL digital inputs and 32-CH TTL digital outputs. High output driving capacity. 3 independent programmable 16-bit down counters. One 16-bit event counter for interrupt generation. One cascaded 32-bit timer with a 4... [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL
  • Number of Counters: 32
  • Counter / Timer Chip: 32-CH DIO & Timer/Counter Card
  • Counter Resolution: 16
High-Speed Counter Module -- Model 2208
from Control Technology Corporation

PAC module for 2700 series controllers [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL; CMOS; 24 V
  • Direction: UP (optional feature); DOWN (optional feature); UP/DOWN (optional feature)
  • Maximum Count Frequency: 1000
  • Computer Bus: Control Tech. Type 2200 Bus
Onyx-MM -- OMM-XT
from Diamond Systems Corporation

3 16 bit counter/timers, 48 digital io, 3 pc104 interrupt pins [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL
  • Number of Counters: 3
  • Counter / Timer Chip: 82C54 IC
  • Counter Resolution: 16
Power Meter and Frequency Counter -- ZT002LFPXI
from ZTEC Instruments, Inc.

3 in 1: frequency counter, peak power meter, & time interval analyzer [See More]

  • Compatibility: TTL
  • On-board Oscillator Frequency: 4000
  • Maximum Count Frequency: 500000
  • Computer Bus: CompactPCI