Wrap Spring Mechanical Clutches Datasheets

Wrap Spring Clutch -- SC Series [SC Series from Inertia Dynamics, LLC]
from Electromate

SC clutches are mechanically actuated. They can be used in overrunning, start/stop, and single revolution applications. [See More]

  • Engagement: Wrap Spring
  • Rotary Speed: 1800
  • Torque: 2.1 to 208.3
  • Special: Overrunning (optional feature)
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

For general detail calibration information see PDF page(Catalog 790, Chapter 13, Page 12 ) [See More]

  • Engagement: Wrap Spring
  • Power: 0.0013
  • Torque: 0.0
  • Special: Slip clutch / Disengagement Torque Limiter
ACCM Accumulating Conveyor (Mech) Wrap Sprg Clutch -- ACCM-HI-O-CxW-1-1/4in Bore-4 Stops PM Collar
from Thomson Industries Inc.

Heavy-duty operation. The ACCM accumulating conveyor clutch offers extraordinary performance and durability. Designed specifically for industrial equipment applications, ACCM clutches are suitable for indexing, rapid cycling and positive displacement clutching drives. Operation. With the stop collar... [See More]

  • Engagement: Wrap Spring
  • Rotary Speed: 400
  • Torque: 124.6
  • Bore Diameter: 1.25