DeviceNet Network Cards and Network Controllers Datasheets

DeviceNet Master for CV-Series PLCs -- CVM1-DRM21-V1 [CVM1-DRM21-V1 from OMRON Automation and Safety]
from European Automation

1,600 inputs x 2 blocks, 1,600 outputs x 2 blocks: total of 400 words [See More]

  • Protocol / Network: DeviceNet
  • Number of Ports: 63
  • Data Rate: 500
  • Port Type: 5-Conductor Cable
Brad® PC Network Interface Cards (NIC) -- 112003-0004
from Molex

Direct-Link PCU-DVNIO Card, DeviceNet Master/Slave, 1 Channel, PCI 3.3/5V - OPC/DLL/LIB/DAS - Control [See More]

  • Protocol / Network: DeviceNet
  • Port Type: DeviceNet* (5 pin)
  • Number of Ports: 1
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Bus Terminal Controller -- BC5250
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

The I/O signals are wired in a decentralised way to fieldbus devices or centrally to the controller. The available manufacturer-specific fieldbus devices with fixed input/output configurations and design often make it necessary to use an entire group of devices with similar functions. This costly... [See More]

  • Protocol / Network: CANbus; DeviceNet
  • Port Type: DeviceNet
  • Data Rate: 500
  • Operating System: Windows NT; Windows 2000; Windows XP
AS01391 DeviceNet Digital I/O -- AS01391
from MKS Instruments, Inc.

Robust and reliable design is intendedfor use in factory automation and process control applicationscPCI and VME form factors allow easy integration of the cards into cPCIand VME style racks. For a complete solution these cards are integratedinto a card cage with customer defined signal... [See More]

  • Protocol / Network: DeviceNet
  • Port Type: P2 Connector
  • Host Bus: VME / VXI
from Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

The PSS(1) DN-S communications card for the PSS 3000, PSS 3100 can be connected to DeviceNet as a passive subscriber. It is connected via a specific DeviceNet 5-pin Combicon plug-in connector and should be placed in a standard slot on the PSS module rack. The PSS(1) DN-S is operated in conjunction... [See More]

  • Protocol / Network: DeviceNet
  • Port Type: 5-Pin Combicon Plug-In Connector
  • Data Rate: 500
  • Compliance: ODVA
HIPERFACE®-DeviceNet Adapter -- AD-HFCDNS3 1035646

Interface adapter connects encoders with the HIPERFACE ® interface [See More]

  • Protocol / Network: DeviceNet
  • Number of Ports: 4
  • Data Rate: 500
  • Port Type: RS485; M12 Connector
from Softing Industrial Automation

Active PC/104 interface card to operate a PC as a DeviceNet master and/or slave. The card is suited both to control and visualization tasks and to parameterization and configuration applications. [See More]

  • Protocol / Network: DeviceNet
  • Host Bus: PC/104
  • Data Rate: 1000
  • Number of Ports: 1