Telephone (PSTN) Modem Network Modems Datasheets

Phone Modem -- COM220
from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The COM220 modem enables communications between a computer and a Campbell datalogger via a public switched telephone network. A Hayes-compatible modem is required at the base-station computer while a COM220 connects to the datalogger at the field site. The COM220's wide operating temperature range... [See More]

  • DeviceType: Telephone (PSTN) Modem
  • Mounting: Wall Mount
  • Form Factor: External
  • Bus / Interface Type: Serial Ports (RS232, RS422, RS485)
Dialup Modems
from RainWise, Inc.

Rainwise uses industrial grade modems for outdoor dialup applications. We offer a number of different models. Please contact us with your requirements and we will help you select the most appropraite model. Product Features. Industrial Grade Chipset. -30 ° to +70 ° Operation. DC Powered. [See More]

  • DeviceType: Telephone (PSTN) Modem
  • Mounting: Standalone
  • Form Factor: External
ISOmodem® -- Si2401
from Silicon Labs

Features. Data modem formats: 56,000 bps: V.90. 33,600 bps: V.34. 14,400 bps: V.32bis. 9600 bps: V.32. 2400 bps: V.22bis. 1200 bps: V.22, V.23, Bell 212A. 300 bps: V.21, Bell 103. Fax modem formats. 33,600 bps: V.34 half-duplex. 14,400 bps: V.17. 9600 bps: V.29. 4800 bps: V.27ter. 300 bps: V.21... [See More]

  • DeviceType: Telephone (PSTN) Modem; EPOS
  • Mounting: IC Chip
  • Form Factor: External
  • Bus / Interface Type: IC Chip Interface
PC104 Modem -- PCM-33.6
from WinSystems, Inc.

ECC support, communication software compatible with AT command sets [See More]

  • DeviceType: Telephone (PSTN) Modem
  • Mounting: Computer Card
  • Form Factor: Internal
  • Bus / Interface Type: PC/104
SL-SU Series Modem
from Wintec Industries, Inc.

24-pin DIP Small form-factor 1.4"x0.9". Dual-in-line (DIP). Parallel Phone detection and caller. ID Detection. Compliance to Global Telephone. Standards (FCC, CTR21). Automatic baud rate detection. Wintec's embedded modem is based on a Silicon Labs ISO modem chipset. There is a long product history... [See More]

  • DeviceType: Telephone (PSTN) Modem; Embedded
  • Bus / Interface Type: 1.4"x0.9"
  • Form Factor: Internal
  • Modem Technology: V.92; V.90; V.34