Broadband Hollow Retroreflector -- UBBR1-1
from Newport Corporation

Parallelism to 1 arc sec, uv, visible, or infrared coatings [See More]

  • Prism Type: Broadband Hollow Retroreflector
  • Prism Material: Pyrex®
  • Largest Dimension: 25.4
  • Coating Options: Antireflection Coating
from Rolyn Optics Company

Right Angle Prisms. Right Angle Prisms are the most popular of all prisms. They are used to deviate a beam 90 ° when used as shown or 180 ° when beam enters normal to the hypotenuse. Typical applications are: telescope diagonals, range finders, periscopes, cameras, bore sights, cube beam... [See More]

  • Prism Type: Right Angle
  • Prism Material: BK7 Glass
  • Largest Dimension: 1
  • Coating Options: Reflective Coating (optional feature); Antireflection Coating (optional feature)