Wedge Optical Prisms Datasheets

Prism -- Wedge Prism
from Intrinsic Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. (ICC)

The wedge prism is an optical element typically made of glass ground at slight angles to refract light passing through it from the smaller width side of the prism to the thicker width side of the prism. By refracting the light, the wedge prism offsets the object being focused upon [See More]

  • Prism Type: Wedge
  • Prism Material: BK7 Glass
  • Largest Dimension: 10
  • Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch / Dig
Wedge Prism
from AccessOptics

Prisms are the defining element in optical systems where image displacement, rotation or inversion is required. Access Optics offers prismatic components from the simplest wedged window to elegant phase-matched prisms and assemblies. Prismatic forms are endless and can be combined with other optical... [See More]

  • Prism Type: Wedge
  • Prism Material: Sapphire
  • Largest Dimension: 1 to 5
  • Coating Options: Reflective Coating (optional feature); Antireflection Coating (optional feature)
0.5 Degree Nom. Fused Silica Wedge Prism Uncoated -- NT84-859
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Ideal for UV to NIR Beam Steering Applications. Range of Beam Deviation Options. Superior Surface Characteristics. N-BK7 Versions Also Available. Our TECHSPEC ® Fused Silica Wedge Prisms provide a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high transmittance from the UV to the NIR. TECHSPEC... [See More]

  • Prism Type: Wedge
  • Prism Material: Fused Silica
  • Largest Dimension: 25
  • Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch / Dig
UV Dispersing Prism -- Model LDP-12.7U
from Lambda Research Optics, Inc.

Littrow prism, retro-reflecting Brewster prism, used in laser cavities [See More]

  • Prism Type: Wedge
  • Prism Material: UV Grade Fused Silica
  • Largest Dimension: 12.7
  • Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch / Dig