Bevel / Miter Gearboxes and Gearheads Datasheets

Differential Phase Shifter -- DR
from Andantex USA, Inc.

Overview. The DR Series (Right angle Differential Phase Shifters) allow accurate adjustment of the output shaft ’s angular position, relative to the input shaft (generally the machine main shaft), while the machine is in motion, or even at rest. Right-Angle Series adds a set of high quality... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Backlash: 9
  • Gear Ratio: 1 to 3
  • Efficiency: 96
Aluminum Right Angle Bevel Gear Box -- 5ARA2-LR10
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Size 5; Double Output w/Relative Shaft Rotation of Clockwise/Counter Clockwise; w/Ball Bearings; Spiral Bevel Gears; 1:1 Ratio [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 66
  • Gear Ratio: 1
  • Maximum Input Power: 1.85
BG (Bevel Gear) Servo Reducer -- 51 03 005
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

This standard range of Servo-Worm Reducers are perfect for use in applications that demand good performance, positioning and repeatability. They were specifically developed for use with state-of-the-art servo motor technology, providing tight integration of the motor to the unit. Angular backlash of... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 885
  • Gear Ratio: 4.75
  • Maximum Input Power: 15.73
from Berg W.M., Inc.


  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Backlash: 600
  • Rated Output Torque: 80
  • Reducer Style: Motor Mount / Gearhead
Branham Spiral Bevels -- 4303
from Branham, W.C. Inc.

W.C. Branham expands the Spiral Bevel 1:1 Gearbox product line with 4.125 in. wide 2- and 3-Way #4303 models. Select from .750 and 1.00 inch shafts as well as 20 and 25mm shafts with metric mounting. Stainless steel keys, fasteners and shafting. A Spiral Bevel 2:1 with 5.00 wide body, 3-Way and .750... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 500 to 693
  • Gear Ratio: 1
  • Maximum Input Speed: 1200 to 1750
Flange Mount Spiral Bevel Gearbox -- F 00 1.25:1
from DieQua Corporation

Specifications: Power capacities from 1 - 300 HP. 11 reducing ratios from 1:1 to 6:1. 4 increasing ratios from 1:1.25 to 1:2. Standard backlash of 5 - 6 arc minutes. Reduced backlash available. Features & Benefits: Low Backlash - Hardened and lapped matched set gearing provide smooth, reliable... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 265
  • Gear Ratio: 1.25
  • Maximum Input Power: 5
Graessner Customized Gearbox -- DesignGear
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

We provide gear solutions for your individual performance requirements, including designs, tooth developments, prototype manufacture, extensive tests and documentation, right up to the delivery of the series. Our customised gears include: ● Single-stage bevel gears as control or reverse gears. [See More]

  • Gearing: Spur (optional feature); Bevel / Miter (optional feature); Labyrinth-Sealed Gears, High Precision Gears, Robotic Gears, Double Gears
  • Reducer Input: Solid shaft
  • Reducer Style: Motor Mount / Gearhead
  • Reducer Output: Solid shaft
Bevel Gearbox WG 180° -- 0.0.408.20
from item America, LLC

Bevel Gearboxes can be used between a particular drive mechanism and a linear axis, consisting of a guide and either a timing-belt drive or a Ball Screw Unit. [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 248
  • Gear Ratio: 1
  • Maximum Input Power: 1.57
Miter Gear Boxes -- MKA
from Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Joyce MKA miter gear boxes are specifically engineered for use with Joyce jacks and actuators in multiple jack systems. These heavy-duty miter gearboxes are rated for 3,000 inch-pounds torque @ 100 RPM. They feature ductile housings, and steel input and pinion shafts. Standard miter boxes are 1:1... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Reducer Style: Base Mount
  • Rated Output Torque: 3000
  • Mounting Style: Flange(s)
Bevel Box -- KBX-101L
from KHK USA, Inc.

Compact, low noise and high efficiency with selective speed ratio. [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Gear Ratio: 1
REDUCER 1:2RATIO SPIRAL BEVEL TYPE G -- 110382 [110382 from Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.]
from Radwell International, Inc.

Tired of searching for the right parts or equipment you need only to find it out of stock? Need a great source for VON RUDEN 110-382 with quick and careful shipping? At our #1 goal is the satisfaction of our customers - we strive to develop market-leading products and services that are... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
A 2Z20-LC101012
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI


  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 11.55
  • Gear Ratio: 1
  • Backlash: 180
Bevel Drives
from Durst

Features. Choice of forged or cut tooth gearing. Tapered Rolling Bearings. Universal Mountings. Optional shift to change direction. Heavy duty construction. Applications. Agricultural. Material Handling. Lawn and Turf. Harvesting. Extrusion Machines. Fans and Blowers [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Maximum Input Power: 4.5 to 160
  • Gear Ratio: -4 to 4
  • Maximum Input Speed: 540 to 1000
1:1 Gearboxes -- BG16 Series
from Ondrives.Us Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

Features: Optimum Operation and Cost. Torques From 5 inches*oz to 36 inches*lbs. in 3 Gearboxes. Weight of Only 0.16lb to 1.35 lb. Made in America [See More]

  • Gearing: Worm (optional feature); Bevel / Miter (optional feature)
  • Rated Output Torque: 0.1300 to 0.4400
  • Gear Ratio: 1
  • Maximum Input Speed: 50 to 2000
SW Series -- SW - 10 - 01
from Onvio LLC

Universal Servo Interface. Flexible slotted bolt circle and oversized pilot equals easy motor installation and no adapters. Modular High Tech Design. Modularity and flexible design offer an advanced technology reducer that can be universally mounted. Low Backlash. Spanner design guarantees for... [See More]

  • Gearing: Helical; Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 88.5
  • Gear Ratio: 1
  • Maximum Input Speed: 6000
Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox -- BBB Series
from Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America

The Cyclo ® BBB combines the long-proven Cyclo ® gear reducer and a single stage right angle spiral bevel gearbox in a rugged integral, shaft-mounted design. The BBB incorporates the strength and flexibility of the Cyclo reducer with the adaptability of a shaft-mounted, right angle reducer. [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 1149 to 94700
  • Gear Ratio: 11 to 26000
  • Maximum Input Power: 0.1300 to 40
Custom Gear Boxes
from Wedin International, Inc.

Wedin International ’s Product Design Division. can provide professional and experienced help in. making any design idea a reality. We offer complete. turnkey service, from Rapid Prototyping to Full Production. Runs. Our design group provides Cad/Cam. support on any project. This includes the... [See More]

  • Gearing: Spur (optional feature); Helical (optional feature); Planetary (optional feature); Worm (optional feature); Bevel / Miter (optional feature)
  • Reducer Style: Base Mount (optional feature); Shaft Mount (optional feature)
  • Maximum Input Speed: ? to 125000
Economic With Options Right-Angle Gearbox -- alpha LPBK+
from WITTENSTEIN, Inc. (formerly alpha gear drives)

Offering exceptional value for money, WITTENSTEIN's servo right angle bevel gear reducer provides the perfect solution in all applications where economic efficiency is a top priority. The alpha LPK+ / LPBK+ is the right-angle equivalent to the successful alpha LP+ low-backlash planetary gearhead. It... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 200
  • Gear Ratio: 3 to 10
  • Maximum Input Speed: 6000
Crown Right Angle Drive -- C104806
from Zero-Max

Designed for dependable, economical transfer of speed or power, Crown drives are compact and feature efficient, quiet operating spiral bevel gears. They are constructed of high quality materials to help ensure maximum service life with a minimum of maintenance. They are compact and sealed from... [See More]

  • Gearing: Bevel / Miter
  • Rated Output Torque: 39
  • Gear Ratio: 2
  • Maximum Input Speed: 2000

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