Reducer Output:Other Gearboxes and Gearheads Datasheets

HT (High Torque) Servo-Worm Reducer -- 98 43 105
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

This standard range of Servo-Worm Reducers are perfect for use in applications that demand high performance, precise positioning and repeatability. They were specifically developed for use with state-of-the-art servo motor technology, providing tight integration of the motor to the unit. Angular... [See More]

  • Gear Ratio: 4.75
  • Maximum Input Power: 14.61
  • Rated Output Torque: 796 to 991
  • Maximum Input Speed: 5000
AD Series 1-Stage Planetary Gearbox -- AD047 - 4
from Apex Dynamics USA

Special design for continuous(S1) or cyclic(S5) duty operation. Output torque. T2N : 14 Nm - 2000 Nm. Ratios. 1-stage : 4 / 5 / 7 / 10. 2-stage : 20/25/35/40/50/70/100/16/21/31/61/91. Low backlash. 1-stage : ≤1 arcmin / ≤3 arcmin / ≤5 arcmin. 2-stage : ≤3 arcmin / ≤5 arcmin / ≤7... [See More]

  • Gear Ratio: 4
  • Maximum Input Speed: 10000
  • Rated Output Torque: 168
  • Backlash: 5
IG Series
from Citizen Chiba Precision Co., Ltd.

Planetary Gearheads [See More]

  • Gear Ratio: 0.2222
  • Efficiency: 81
  • Rated Output Torque: 0.2655
  • Gearing: Planetary
Custom Gearboxes
from Durst

Features. Application support from inception to completion. Designed and manufactured to customer specifications. Advanced design and prototypes available. Applications. Construction. Railway Maintenance. Forestry. Agricultural. Oil Field. Specialty Trucks [See More]

  • Gearing: Spur (optional feature); Helical (optional feature); Planetary (optional feature); Harmonic (optional feature); Worm (optional feature); Bevel / Miter (optional feature); Cycloidal (optional feature); Hypoid (optional feature); Custom
  • Mounting Style: Flange(s) (optional feature); NEMA Mounting Flange (optional feature)
  • Reducer Style: Motor Mount / Gearhead; Base Mount (optional feature); Shaft Mount (optional feature)
  • Reducer Input: Hollow shaft (optional feature); Solid shaft (optional feature); Coupling or Bushing (optional feature); Custom
from Kinetek, Inc.

Features Include Low Profile Design Dual-Speed Option115 and 230VAC1.5 HP @ 15 Amps130 to 320 RPM Shaft Output High-Starting Torque High-Running Torque UL and CSA Listed All Ball Bearing Construction Brush Life 3,000 Hrs Minimum (800 hrs for 230V)Ambient Temp 40 degrees C, Insulation Class B [See More]

  • Gear Ratio: 11
  • Maximum Input Power: 1.5
  • Rated Output Torque: 326
  • Maximum Input Speed: 290
RD-006E Series -- RD-006E*031
from Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc.

The RD-E combines the high performance and extreme precision of the component type RV-E in a complete, easy to use package. By utilizing the patented 2-stage cycloidal technology the RD-E can supply large torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and excellent... [See More]

  • Gear Ratio: 31
  • Backlash: 1.5
  • Rated Output Torque: 513
  • Efficiency: 85
Custom Angle Drive Speed Reducers
from Power Engineering & Manufacturing, Ltd.

PEM's angle drive gearboxes are designed for long life in applications when a high AGMA service factor is needed. Typically the units are designed with a 2.0 intermittent load factor and a 3.5 stall torque. Any input and output configuration can be designed with any mounting and material of... [See More]

  • Gear Ratio: 0.0087 to 1
  • Reducer Input: Solid shaft
  • Maximum Input Power: 15 to 2000
  • Reducer Output: Flanged
IB Precision Gearhead -- P Series
from Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America

The IB Precision Gearhead was designed for maximum mounting flexibility and easy installation in demanding servomotor applications. Like all Sumitomo speed reducers, the expertly engineered, internal planetary gearing design maintains optimum power distribution and even gear contact, thus minimizing... [See More]

  • Gear Ratio: 5 to 45
  • Maximum Input Power: 0.0670 to 2.01
  • Rated Output Torque: 73.45 to 1124
  • Maximum Input Speed: 3000 to 5000