Achromatic Lenses
from Artifex Engineering

The achromatic lens consists of two or more elements, usually of crown and flint glass, such that the composite element has been corrected for chromatic aberration with respect to two selected wavelengths. In these lenses, chromatic, spherical and coma aberrations are considerably reduced. These... [See More]

  • Surface Flatness: λ/4
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Lens Type: Achromats
  • Focal Length: 630
Achromat Micro Optics -- L-MAC000
from Ross Optical Industries

Similar to Standard Achromats but smaller in diameter, these Micro Achromats provide good spherical and chromatic correction, enabling them to be used in laser applications. [See More]

  • Surface Flatness: λ/4
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible; Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Lens Type: Achromats; Spherical Lens
  • Focal Length: 6
Ball Lens
from AccessOptics

Access Optics has delivered more than a million optical components meeting customer needs in markets from general photonics to the supercritical requirements of surgical imaging and deep UV lithography. We manufacture lenses from virtually all optical substrate materials and provide a limitless... [See More]

  • Surface Flatness: λ/4
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Lens Type: Ball
  • Materials: Ultra-violet grade Fused Silica
Plano-Concave Circular UV Lens -- Model CCPC-25.4CU-025
from Lambda Research Optics, Inc.

Circular cross-section for easy combining in optical systems, anamorphic [See More]

  • Surface Flatness: λ/4
  • Lens Application: Ultraviolet
  • Lens Type: Cylindrical Lens
  • Center Thickness: 4
BK 7 Precision Bi-Concave Lens -- KBC010
from Newport Corporation

MIL-C-675C, moderate abrasion, wavelength uncoated: 380–2100 nm [See More]

  • Surface Flatness: λ/4
  • Focal Length: -12.5
  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Center Thickness: 2.5
Bi-Concave Lens -- Model 10622
from Optarius

Simple negative lenses for higher power imaging [See More]

  • Surface Flatness: λ/4
  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible
  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Focal Length: -15