Ultraviolet Cylindrical Lenses Datasheets

Achromatic cylindrical lens
from Dayoptics, Inc.

focused beam in a single direction and has a minimum color difference. produce a focused line of action. (1) A cylindrical achromatic lens chromatic aberration can be minimized, and thus can be used to focus a single direction of polychromatic light beam, a cylindrical lens can produce a linear beam... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Length: 25.4
  • Lens Form: Achromatic
  • Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch / Dig
Cylindrical Lens
from AccessOptics

Access Optics has delivered more than a million optical components meeting customer needs in markets from general photonics to the supercritical requirements of surgical imaging and deep UV lithography. We manufacture lenses from virtually all optical substrate materials and provide a limitless... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Surface Flatness: λ/4
  • Materials: Ultra-violet grade Fused Silica
  • Lens Features: Antireflection Coating (optional feature)
Cylindrical Lenses
from CVI Laser Optics

Cylindrical lenses converge or expand light in a single dimension to alter the proportions of an image, focus a beam to a thin line or generate a line output.   CVI Laser Optics offers both plano-convex and plano-concave cylindrical lenses in N-BK7 and UV grade fused silica, in addition to... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Focal Length: -10 to 10
  • Lens Form: Plano-Convex (optional feature); Plano-Concave (optional feature); Convex-Convex (optional feature); Concave-Concave (optional feature)
  • Length: 15 to 50.8
UV PCX Cylinder Lens 12.5mm Diameter x 100mm FL UV-AR Coated -- NT68-179
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Excellent UV Transmission. Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. Precision Design. Our TECHSPEC ® Fused Silica PCX Cylinder Lenses are ideal for UV beam shaping, or for applications operating in harsh or rugged environments. Focusing light in only one dimension, cylinder lenses are commonly... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Ultraviolet
  • Center Thickness: 2
  • Focal Length: 100
  • Edge Thickness: 1.57
UV Fused Silica Precision Cylindrical Lenses
from Newport Corporation

Cylindrical lenses focus or expand light within a single axis only. Our UV Fused Silica Cylindrical Lenses are manufactured from fine annealed glass with low scatter and autofluorescence ideal for UV or Visible Light applications including line illumination for metrology, laser scanning,... [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Focal Length: -300 to 300
  • Lens Form: Plano-Convex; Plano-Concave
  • Length: 12.5 to 50.8
Negative Cylinder -- L-PCN001
from Ross Optical Industries

Negative cylinders have one flat surface and one concave surface and have a negative focal length. [See More]

  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Focal Length: -6.35
  • Lens Form: Plano-Concave
  • Center Thickness: 3.1