Convex-Convex Spherical Lenses Datasheets

Custom Spherical Lenses
from Advanced Optics, Inc.

In addition to our in-stock optical mirrors and optical windows, Advanced Optics provides custom fabrication and free engineering services. Our capabilities allow us to manufacture custom sizes, shapes, drill holes, as well as provide bevels. We also offer custom optical coatings designed to match... [See More]

  • Lens Form: Plano-Convex (optional feature); Plano-Concave (optional feature); Convex-Convex (optional feature); Concave-Concave (optional feature)
  • Diameter: 25.4 to 153
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Center Thickness: 5.7 to 6.35
Double Convex Lens
from Dayoptics, Inc.

A transparent optical component consisting of one or more pieces of optical glass with curved surfaces(usually spherical) that they serve to converge or diverge the transmitted rays from an object,thus forming a real or virtual image of that object. Dayoptics provides these lenses with the material... [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Focal Length: 20 to 1000
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter: 12.7 to 25.4
Precision Double-Convex Lenses -- G573
from Gurley Precision Instruments

1:1 Imaging and Multi-Element Applications, Broadband coatings are recommended for aspherical lenses [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Diameter: 25
  • Focal Length: 50
  • Center Thickness: 5
Acrylic Biconvex Plastic Lens -- LPP1009
from Knight Optical (USA) LLC

Plastic lens.10.3mmf.lx10mmdia. Most of the single lens forms, planoconvex, planoconcave, meniscus and aspheric, are available in plastic. Plastic lenses are generally cheaper and lighter than glass equivalents but of lower quality. Plastic components are not as robust as glass as they can scratch... [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Diameter: 10
  • Focal Length: 10.3
  • Materials: Acrylic
Best Form Lenses, Mounted (Crown Glass)
from Qioptiq

Precision lenses for use at infinite object distance. Spherical (aperture-dependent) aberration minimized. N-BK7 lenses with ARB2 coating. Lens mounts fit to Microbench or Nanobench system. Broadband anti-reflection coating ARB2 for the visible spectral range (R < 0.5 % for λ = 450-700 nm... [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Focal Length: 4 to 20
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter: 16
Double-Convex Lenses
from Artifex Engineering

Double-Convex (DCX) lenses are most suitable where the conjugates are on opposite sides of the lens and the ratio of the distances is less than 5:1, e.g. as simple image relay components. [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Focal Length: 100
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter: 100
Bi Convex Spherical Lens -- LDX-10.0-33.8-C
from CVI Laser Optics

• Other CVI Melles Griot AR coatings also available (488-515, 532, 532/1064, 543, 633, 694, 755, 780, 800, 830, 1047, 1053, 1064, 1310, 1550 and 2100 nm) [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Focal Length: 33
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible (optional feature)
  • Diameter: 10
Double Convex Lens, 10mm Dia. x 10mm FL, VIS 0° Inked -- NT63-599-INK
from Edmund Optics Inc.

AR Coated to Provide <0.4% Reflectance per Surface for 425 - 675nm. Designed for 0 ° Angle of Incidence. Double-Convex (DCX) Lenses have two outward curved surfaces, a positive focal length and are useful for 1:1 imaging and in multi-element systems.These lenses are available uncoated or... [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Focal Length: 10
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Diameter: 10
Focusing Lenses for Spectrocopy Lens Holder Assemblies
from Newport Corporation

These focusing lenses are used in our spectroscopy lens holder assemblies. Focusing lenses for Oriel lens holder assemblies. Bi-convex or plano-convex lens shapes. 330 to 2200 nm wavelength range [See More]

  • Lens Form: Plano-Convex; Convex-Convex
  • Focal Length: 33 to 200
  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Diameter: 25.4 to 38.1
Achromat Micro Optics -- L-MAC000
from Ross Optical Industries

Similar to Standard Achromats but smaller in diameter, these Micro Achromats provide good spherical and chromatic correction, enabling them to be used in laser applications. [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Focal Length: 6
  • Lens Application: Infrared (optional feature); Visible; Ultraviolet (optional feature)
  • Diameter: 3
Bi-Convex -- 520-1212
from Spectral Systems, LLC

Wide range of geometry and selection of materials for custom applications [See More]

  • Lens Form: Convex-Convex
  • Diameter: 12.7
  • Focal Length: 12.7
  • Materials: Calcium Fluoride