20-10 Scratch / Dig Spherical Lenses Datasheets

Laser Grade PCX Lens, 12mm Diameter x 18mm FL, 1064nm Coating -- NT67-969
from Edmund Optics Inc.

High Damage Threshold. Fused Silica Substrate. Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses have a positive focal length, making them ideal for collecting and focusing light. They are also useful in a variety of applications involving emitters, detectors, lasers, and fiber optics.Our TECHSPEC ® Laser Grade... [See More]

  • Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch / Dig
  • Focal Length: 18
  • Lens Form: Plano-Convex
  • Diameter: 12
Ultrafast AR Coated Fused Silica Plano-Convex Lenses
from Newport Corporation

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of ultrafast laser applications, these plano-convex lenses feature an AR coating optimized for ultrashort pulses applied to our standard fused silica lenses. UV-grade fused silica. ≤ λ/8 surface irregularity, 20-10 scratch-dig. [See More]

  • Surface Quality: 20-10 Scratch / Dig
  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Lens Form: Plano-Convex
  • Focal Length: 25.4 to 1000