Heat Exchanger Hydraulic Power Units Datasheets

Little Champ™ Power Unit -- 623577 [623577 from Continental Hydraulics]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Little Champ power units are designed for use in locations where space is limited and larger, noisier power units are not needed. They're ideal for applications requiring moderate fluid volume and flow rate, short hydraulic lines, and quick cycling. [See More]

  • Cooling Method: None (optional feature); Hydraulic Heat Exchanger (optional feature); Fan-driven Oil Cooler (optional feature)
  • Power: 5.0
  • Flow: 6.0
  • Reservoir Capacity: 10.0
Horizontal Power Unit
from Milwaukee Cylinder

Milwaukee Cylinder Power Units are powerful performers for your general hydraulic power unit needs. Available in either Gear Pump (3000 psi) or Vane Pump (2000 psi) designs, these units really deliver with standard features and options needed to do the job right. These units are fully featured to... [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Hydraulic Heat Exchanger (optional feature); Fan-driven Oil Cooler
  • Power: 0.5 to 1250.0
  • Flow: 0.5 to 11.8
  • Reservoir Capacity: 10.0 to 125.0
D-Pak Fixed Displacement Power Unit -- D-PAK
from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics / Hydraulic Pump Division

D-Pak style power units are ideal for many industrial applications. The space saving vertical style units are available with gear pumps and are designed for quiet and leak-free operation. Standard Parker filtration on each unit will help ensure a long service life. [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Hydraulic Heat Exchanger (optional feature)
  • Flow: 0.9 to 2.7
  • Operating Pressure: 290 to 3988
  • Power: 0.5 to 3.0