Cable Cylinders Counter Balance -- 1203-0007
from Branham, W.C. Inc.

Articulating Arms. Opening Gates or Doors. Lifting Products. Raising Material. Counter Balancing. These are a few of the applications possible with W.C. Branham Single Acting Cable Cylinders. Achieve lifting from either vertical or horizontal mounting depending on your envelope. Competively priced. [See More]

  • Cylinder Style: Rectangular
  • Pressure: 100
  • Max. Stroke: 160
  • Bore Size: 2
Hydraulic Cylinders -- H-09-DBZ
from Bimba Manufacturing Company

Compact, lightweight, hydraulic cylinder. Up to 500 psi. [See More]

  • Cylinder Style: Rectangular
  • Pressure: 500
  • Max. Stroke: 12
  • Bore Size: 1.06
Block Cyl D/A Mnfld. #3900 1.5 -- 21-1210-04
from Vektek, Inc.

No external ports or external plumbing to collect chips. Reduced installation labor. Available in the same popular sizes as our other block cylinders. [See More]

  • Cylinder Style: Rectangular
  • Pressure: 5000
  • Max. Stroke: 1.5
  • Cylinder Action: Double