Thermal Protector -- H06
from Thermik Corporation

Thermal Protectors (TP) of version P06 / P08 and H06 / H08 are. utilised for overheating protection of electronic components,. electric machines and heating devices, heat sinks etc. The TO 220. housing with a dielectric strength of 2 kV allows fastening to the. object to be protected by a screw,... [See More]

  • Case Style: Other (Ryton®)
  • Voltage: 250
  • Cutoff Temperature: 180
  • AC Ampere: 25
Thermal Fuse -- L10 Type G911
from Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices LTD.

As a thermal link (TL) in electrical appliances and equipment, electrical plant and machinery. They react to ambient temperature and are, under certain conditions, sensitive to current at rated levels. Self-heating by current passing through the thermal link must be taken into consideration. Thermal... [See More]

  • Case Style: Other (G)
  • Voltage: 250
  • Cutoff Temperature: 165
  • AC Ampere: 8
from Midland-ACS

Thermal fuses, 1/2" NPT, for gasses and liquids, nitrile seals [See More]

  • Case Style: Other (Stainless steel)
  • Maximum Diameter of Case: 1.01
  • Cutoff Temperature: 70
  • Case Assembly Length: 2
7AM Series Thermal Protectors -- 7AM-020-A
from Thermtrol

The Klixon ® 7AM thermal protector prevents overheating in a variety of consumer, industrial and commercial products. It is a miniature, snap-acting, thermally operated device that is a proven performer in protection technology. It is the right choice for applications where available space is at... [See More]

  • Case Style: Other (Nickel Zinc Coated Steel)
  • Voltage: 600
  • Cutoff Temperature: 65
  • AC Ampere: 22