Baffle Type:None Hydraulic Reservoirs Datasheets

Fluid Reservoirs
from jbj Techniques Limited

Die cast aluminium reservoirs with capacities from 5 to 130 litres. Lids in flat or drip tray format manufactured in steel or aluminium. Modular lid assembly for 13 and 30 litre reservoirs reduce labour requirements to a minimum. Characteristics » Al-Reservoirs NG3.5 – NG130. »... [See More]

  • Baffle Type: None
  • Dimensions: 220mm x 150mm x 160mm
  • Reservoir Capacity: 16.64
  • Material: Aluminum
Metal Reservoirs 20l/30l/50l
from Lube USA, Inc.

Metal reservoir [See More]

  • Baffle Type: None
  • Reservoir Shape: Rectangular
  • Reservoir Capacity: 13.21
  • Integrated Level Gauge Options: Sight
Aluminum Oil Tank -- ALU13
from SAICAD Inc.

ALL Steel tank designs are also available in Aluminum. SAICAD aluminum tanks have excellent corrosion resistance and are compatible with all petroleum based and synthetic fluids. Tanks are rated upto 145 psi. Tanks are stackable and stand-alone (non-stack). Produced as per DIN 24346 for no-pressure... [See More]

  • Baffle Type: None
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Reservoir Capacity: 3.17
  • Reservoir Shape: Rectangular

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