API Check Valves Datasheets

Wafer Check Valve -- WVK (WIV-200)
from Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.

The Wafer Insert (WV) valve is designed to fit between two mating ANSI flanges. Two gaskets are required, instead of the one normally used. The "drop in" valve body fits inside the bolt circle for quick installation and removal in rigid piping applications where the use of the F1, F6, or FP are not... [See More]

  • Agency: API (optional feature); ASME (optional feature); ISO; MSS (optional feature); ANSI; API 594,CE,PED 97/23/EC Comp,B16-34
  • Material Of Construction: BrassBronze; StainlessSteel; Steel; Exotic Metal; Alloy 20, Alloy C-276, Titanium
  • Valve Type: Lift Check; Poppet; Wafer; BackFlow
  • Valve Size: 2.00
DFT® ALC® Wafer Check Valves
from DFT Inc.

The ALC ® is an in-line, spring assisted, single guided "wafer" check valve designed to prevent "water hammer" and "reverse" flow. The lightweight compact design fits between mating flanges and meets API 594 Face-to-Face dimensions. The ALC ® is an easy to maintain check valve for... [See More]

  • Agency: API; ANSI; ANSI Class 150/300
  • Material Of Construction: StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Exotic Metal (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Lift Check; Umbrella; SevereService
  • Valve Size: 10.00 to 24.00
Inline Check Valve -- ICV-150-N-025
from SC Hydraulic Engineering Corporation

The ICV series inline check valves are available in four port sizes from 1/4" NPT to 1" NPT and are rated up to 15,000 psig working pressure. Constructed of Stainless steel for use with water as well as most industrial fluids. The ICV series check valve is a simple and effective component allowing... [See More]

  • Agency: API (optional feature); ISO (optional feature); Some API ASME and ISO - Consult Factory
  • Material Of Construction: StainlessSteel
  • Valve Type: BallDisk
  • Valve Size: 0.25 to 1.00
Check Valve
from Schutte & Koerting

Available in a variety of configurations. Can be manufactured with soft packing, hardened leak-off bushings, and various materials for critical applications. Testing offered including hydrostatic and pneumatic, magnetic particle (magnaflux) and radiographic inspection. All models are ANSI rated. [See More]

  • Agency: API; ASME; ANSI
  • Material Of Construction: Steel
  • Valve Type: Swing
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00 to 600.00
Check Valve for Water Service -- Series ICV 125-2-2-T Wafer Check Valve
from Watts

Series ICV-125-2-2-T Cast Iron Wafer Check Valves are used in commercial and industrial HVAC applications to prevent water hammer and reverse fluid flow in water lines. They feature a cast iron body with aluminum-bronze disc plates, EPDM seat, PTFE bearings, stainless steel hinge and stop pins,... [See More]

  • Agency: API; ISO; ISO 9001 Certified, API 594
  • Material Of Construction: CastIron
  • Valve Type: Wafer
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 24.00
Aluminum Bronze Check Valves -- LD 016-ALCK
from Xiamen Landee Industries Co., Ltd.

Aluminum Bronze Check Valves With Lugged Pattern Wafer Type. [See More]

  • Agency: API; ANSI; BS, JIS
  • Material Of Construction: Aluminum; BrassBronze
  • Valve Type: Wafer
  • Valve Size: 1.00 to 60.00
ENTECH™ Nozzle Check Valve -- DRV-B Series
from CAMERON Valves & Measurement

The ENTECH ™ DRV-BN nozzle check valve was designed to provide three manditory requirements of a check valve: non-slam, low pressure drop and virtually no maintenance in large diameter applications. The key feature of the DRV-BN nozzle check valve is its inherent non - slam characteristics. [See More]

  • Agency: API; ASME; ANSI
  • Material Of Construction: StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Swing
  • Valve Size: 12.00 to 68.00
No. 140 Series -- No. 143
from Clark-Reliance Corporation (The)

Jerguson safety ball check valves provide an automatic shut-off for glass level gage products in the event of a glass or gasket failure. Ball check valves are available with integral, union, or bolted bonnet arrangements for application pressures ranging up to 10,000-psi. [See More]

  • Agency: API; ASME; ISO; ISO 9001
  • Material Of Construction: Steel
  • Valve Type: BallDisk
  • Connection Description: Threaded; NPT 3/4 and 1/2 Inch
Cast Steel Stop Check Valve - Class 150
from Crane Energy Flow Solutions

Class 150, flanged or butt weld end steel bolted bonnet stop check valve [See More]

  • Agency: API; ANSI
  • Material Of Construction: Steel
  • Valve Type: Lift Check
  • Valve Size: 1.50 to 10.00
Class 150 Check Valve -- C310B3
from DHV Industries, Inc.

Bolted cover, swing type disc, renewable seat rings welded or threaded [See More]

  • Agency: API; ANSI; API 598, ANSI B16, API 6D
  • Material Of Construction: StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel
  • Valve Type: Swing
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 30.00
DSI -- 137 1/2XU
from Forum Valve Solutions

Class 150 swing check, sch 40 weld end, bolted cap [See More]

  • Agency: API; API 600
  • Valve Size: 2.50
  • Valve Type: Swing
  • Connection Description: ButtWeld
Cast Steel Valves
from KITZ Corporation of America

KITZ offers a wide selection of cast steel valves with a variety of options appropriate for everything from small/large bore lines to low/high-pressure environments [See More]

  • Agency: API; ASME
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Material Of Construction: Steel
  • Media: Gas
Dual-plated Wafer Type Check Valve -- SERIE 2000
from KSB AG

Design. Dual-plated wafer type check valve, single-piece body. Metal or elastomer sealing. Cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel or stainless steel body; maintenance free. PN 10 / 16 / 25 / 40, Class 150, Class 300. EN, ANSI and JIS flange connections available. Overview of technical data. Body... [See More]

  • Agency: API; API 594 CLASS 125;API 594 CLASS 150
  • Material Of Construction: CastIron (optional feature); StainlessSteel (optional feature); Steel (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Wafer
  • Valve Size: 1.97 to 23.62
Austenitic Stainless Steel Split Disc Check Valve -- SDCV4
from Spirax-Sarco

A range of austenitic stainless steel split disc check valves in a wafer pattern suitable for fitting between ASME (ANSI) Class 150 and Class 300, JIS / KS 10K and 20K flanges. Their function is to prevent reverse flow on a wide variety of fluids for applications in process lines, hot water systems,... [See More]

  • Agency: API; ANSI
  • Material Of Construction: StainlessSteel
  • Valve Type: Wafer
  • Valve Size: 1.97 to 11.81
Bronze Swing Check Valve -- B15SW-1.5
from William E. Williams Valve Corp.

Outside lever and weight or spring option, aluminum bronze option [See More]

  • Agency: API; MSS; ANSI
  • Material Of Construction: BrassBronze
  • Valve Type: Swing
  • Valve Size: 1.50