Disposable Pinch Tube Valve -- TS1201
from Techcon Systems, Inc.

The TS1201 Manual Dispensing Pen utilizes a disposable molded pinch tube assembly, designed to handle a wide variety of fluids - from adhesives and lubricants to sealants and masks. Gravity or pressure fed, the pen has a built-in shot and flow rate control for optimum repeatability. The TS1201 comes... [See More]

  • Valve Dispensing Technology: Pinch Valve
  • Inlet Pressure Range: 60
  • Material Feed: Continuous Feed
  • Dispense Rate: 1.67
Pinch Valve -- 960-1212-00
from Cammda Corporation

CAMMDA's pneumatic Pinch Valve (960-1212-00) provides a high degree of control for dispensing of low to semi-viscous materials. "ON/OFF" function is accomplished through automatic opening and closing of polyethylene pinch tube assembly. Dispensing tips can be fitted to the tubing assembly to further... [See More]

  • Valve Dispensing Technology: Pinch Valve
  • Dispensing Application: Bead
  • Material Feed: Continuous Feed
  • Application: Low to Semi-Viscous