MD4™ Filters -- Clean Air Package
from Ross Controls

The general purpose filter in this assembley removes gross contaminants, while the coalescing filter removes oil mists, aerosold, and minute particles. Finally, the absorbing filter effectively eliminates odors from Freons, alcohols, esters, ketons, and up to 99% of most hydrocarbons. [See More]

  • Connection: 3/8" NPT (optional feature); 1/2" NPT (optional feature); 3/4" NPT (optional feature); British Standard Pipe Thread (optional feature); 3/4-16, 7/8-14 SAE
  • Filter Size: 0.3000
  • Filter Type: General Purpose; Coalescing; Adsorbent; Combination
  • Maximum Pressure: 200
Monnier International Compressed Air Filter -- IF2AM
from Spirax-Sarco

The IF Monnier international range of filters provides high quality compressed air (free from liquid and solid contaminants) for general purpose pneumatic systems. [See More]

  • Connection: British Standard Pipe Thread
  • Maximum Pressure: 145 to 247
  • Filter Type: General Purpose
  • Operating Temperature: 122 to 176
Moduflex Compressed Air Filter -- P3TFA229AAN
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / Pneumatic - Europe

Moduflex Extra Compressed Air Filters. Moduflex Extra Compressed Air Filters provide air quality in accordance with ISO 8573.1:2001, the international standard for compressed air quality. Moduflex Extras coalescing filters are the first range of filters specifically designed to deliver air quality... [See More]

  • Connection: British Standard Pipe Thread
  • Filter Size: 1
  • Filter Type: Coalescing
  • Maximum Volume: 21.0
from Reading Technologies, Inc.

Combo filter for water dirt and oil, low pressure drop required [See More]

  • Connection: 1 1/2" NPT; British Standard Pipe Thread; BSPP
  • Filter Size: 0.0100
  • Filter Type: Coalescing; Combination
  • Maximum Volume: 300.0