Solid State Motor Starters and Contactors Datasheets

In Line and Inside Delta Connection Softstarter, Type PSS -- PSS105/181-500
from ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

From the moment the first electrical motors appeared, engineers have been searching a way to avoid electrical and mechanical problems that occur using Direct-on-Line and Star-Delta starters. ABB has been producing softstarters since the beginning of the 1980 ’s. The valuable experience gained... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • Continuous Current: 105
  • AC Motor Phase: Three
  • Motor Voltage: 500
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

20 A Single Phase Solid State Contactor [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • Thermal Current: 20
  • Continuous Current: 20
  • Control Voltage: 5 to 24
AC Semiconductor Motor Controller -- Type RSBS23..A2V.2C24..
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

Carlo Gavazzi offers a range of motor controllers for soft starting/stopping, dynamic braking, and reversing of three phase squirrel cage motors. Applications include conveyor systems, pumps, compressors, industrial dryers, mixers, automatic doors, palletizers, and fans. Our soft start controllers... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • AC Motor Phase: Single
  • Standard Rating: IEC
  • IEC Size: A
Mitsubishi S-N Series Contactors and Motor Starters
from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

We offer a complete line up of Motor Controllers to 800A in size. Products are UL and CSA approved as well as meeting the standards of all major markets around the world. A full range of options and accessories are also available. Mitsubishi contactors have been tested with the WS series circuit... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • AC Motor Phase: Single (optional feature); Three (optional feature)
  • Standard Rating: NEMA; IEC
  • Continuous Current: 35 to 800
NEMA Motor Starters -- N101 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The Cutler-Hammer Electro-Mechanical Motor Starter consists of an electro-mechanical contact block or contactor and electromechanical solid-state overload relay as a full voltage non-reversing (FVNR) device. Size 00 to 2 motor starters are factory assembled. SPECIFICATIONS. Dimensions: Size 00 and... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State; Electro-mechanical
  • NEMA Size: 00; 0; 1; 2
  • Standard Rating: NEMA
  • Continuous Current: 9 to 45
Load relay - EMG 45-ELR3/1.5 - 2942739 -- 2942739

Electronic load relay, for direct driving of equipment in the 3-phase network, with light indicator and protection circuit, output: 320 V AC .... 440 V AC/3x 1.5 A [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • Motor Voltage: 400
  • Continuous Current: 1.5
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 131
1 Phase Dual Pole Electronic Contactor -- SC2DA2330
from Springer Controls Company, Inc.

Springer Controls Company carries a full line of solid-state contactors manufactured by IC ELECTRONICS A/S. The product line includes single phase electronic contactors, dual contactors, lamp & transformer controls, three phase contactors, soft-starters (1, 2 & 3 phase), reversing... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • Motor Voltage: 240
  • AC Motor Phase: Single
  • Number of Poles: 2
CONTACT BLOCK, AUXILIARY, LEFT HAND SLIDE -- 70007463 [GVAN11 from Schneider Electric, Automation & Control]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

The GV family of products are 3-pole, horsepower rated, UL 508 listed, manual starters. They include a manual disconnect, class 10 ambient-compensated thermal overload relay, and an instantaneous magnetic trip mechanism in one compact unit. Any GV manual starter can be used alone for local manual... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
CSX Soft Starter -- CSX-007
from AuCom Electronics Ltd.

CSX soft start controllers are a reliable, easy to use soft start solution for your motor. Designed for maximum simplicity, these compact starters provide timed voltage ramp soft start and soft stop, and are perfect for fitting into your existing motor control centre. [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • Continuous Current: 18
  • AC Motor Phase: Three
  • Control Voltage: 440
DOL Motor Starters -- CIM Series
from Danfoss, Inc. - Industrial Automation Division

The CIM motor starter is a direct on-line unit, consisting of a contactor with a start contact, if appropriate, mounted in an enclosure with stop/reset button or with start & stop/reset buttons. In order to keep a minimum and flexible stock, the thermal overload relay must be ordered separately &... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • Continuous Current: 25
  • AC Motor Phase: Three
  • Three Phase Power: 14.74
DS6 Soft Start Controller -- DS6-34DSX041N0-N
from Eaton Corporation - Power Control & Logic Components

DS6/DS7 easily fits in place of existing soft starters, wye-delta starters, or across-the-line NEMA and IEC starters. The Voltage Ramp Start method provides a voltage ramp to the motor, for constant torque increase. Users set initial voltage values and the duration of the ramp to full voltage... [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State
  • Continuous Current: 40
  • AC Motor Phase: Three
  • Motor Voltage: 460
Solid State Reduced Voltage Panels (Soft Start) -- ES43/015TE
from Selectric, Inc.

NEMA 3R enclosure, line magnetic contactor, transition timer [See More]

  • Device Technology: Solid State; Electro-mechanical
  • AC Motor Phase: Three
  • Standard Rating: NEMA
  • NEMA Size: 3