Double Shaft Electric Rotary Actuators Datasheets

Single Drive -- MULTIMAT B23 R
from Dewert Motorized Systems

Equipment options include memory (hall sensor), integrated control [See More]

  • Number: Double Shaft
  • Maximum Torque: 44.25
  • Supply Voltage: 24
  • Rotational Output: Shaft
Tek5 Versatile Robotic Module -- VRM 200
from Tek5 Systems

The Versatile Robotic Module concept makes robotics easy. Using the VRM components assembled in different ways complete, custom automation systems can be created. Each VRM unit is a self-contained component that mates to either a fixed mount or to other VRM units. An active VRM unit contains a... [See More]

  • Number: Double Shaft
  • Maximum Torque: 7.08
  • Supply Voltage: 5
  • Rotation Angle: 270°; Multiple Position