USB Signal Generators Datasheets

Function Generator, VirtualBench
from National Instruments

Radically Practical. By combining the most essential instruments into one device and integrating with PCs and iPads, the VirtualBench all-in-one instrument is simple, is convenient, and opens up new possibilities for how you can interact with benchtop instruments. Five Instruments in One Device. [See More]

  • Interface: Universal Serial Bus; WiFi
  • Generator Type: Function; Signal
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Form Factor: Portable
50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator -- Model 645
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

The 645 is the high performance 50MHz Waveform Generator.It can create stable, precise,clean and low distortion sine waves by using DDS(Direct Digital Synthesis) Technology. With fast rise and fall times up to 25MHz for square waves and 200KHz for linear ramp waves.The 645 also can generate... [See More]

  • Interface: GPIB (IEEE 488, HPIB); Universal Serial Bus
  • Generator Type: Pulse
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Form Factor: Portable
Precision Signal Source / Function Generator -- 1510A
from MTI Instruments Inc.

The 1510A Precision Signal Source features dual-channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) that produces high accuracy signals over a wide amplitude and frequency range in a compact, portable device. It features both voltage and charge (pC) signals to simulate a variety of transducers and sensors. With... [See More]

  • Interface: Universal Serial Bus (optional feature)
  • Generator Type: Function
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Form Factor: Portable