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AVANT Data Acquisition and Analysis System -- INTEGER
from ECON Technologies

AVANT is a state-of-art integrated solution for applications of dynamic vibrat ion and noise signal analysis,environmental data reduction, acoustics, order tracking,and modal test. It is based on distributed processing architecture, and integrated up-to-date multi-DSP computation technology, low... [See More]

  • Test Type: Distortion; Noise; Vibration, Shock
  • Input Channels: 8
  • Special Instrument Type: Portable
  • Operation Features: Trigger Modes
Anritsu Spectrum Master -- MS2711D
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

Includes analysis software, carrying case, recharge/ replaceable battery [See More]

  • Test Type: Modulation; Distortion; Noise
  • Analyzer Type: Instrument
  • Special Instrument Type: Handheld
  • Frequency Range: 100 to 3.00E6
RSA3000 Series -- RSA3303B [RSA3303B from Tektronix, Inc.]
from Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot

Winner of the EDN Innovation Award Discover and interpret complex behaviors of your time variant signals. The mid-range performance RSA3000 Series delivers the measurement confidence you need in your radio design or spectrum management tasks. Perform vector, spectrum, power, signal source and audio... [See More]

  • Test Type: Modulation; Distortion
  • Analyzer Type: Instrument; Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • Special Instrument Type: Portable
  • Frequency Range: ? to 8.00E6
Real Time Spectrum Aanlyzer - 8 GHz -- RSA3408B-OPTS
from Tektronix, Inc.

Real Time Spectrum Aanlyzer, DC - 8 GHz. Features & Benefits. Included with the series is key high-end functionality found previously only on the TDS6000C. Debug, validation, and compliance testing to provide engineers with an ideal test platform for their high-speed designs. Efficiently and... [See More]

  • Test Type: Modulation; Distortion
  • Analyzer Type: Instrument; Spectrum Analyzer
  • Special Instrument Type: Portable
  • Analysis Type: Fast Fourier Transform