Transient Power or Line Conditioners Datasheets

Superior Electric STABILINE® Power Conditioners -- CRA Series
from Danaher Sensors & Controls - Specialty Products

The CRA series of Power Conditioners correct input voltage fluctuations over a wide spectrum, and provide common-mode and transverse-mode noise attenuation through the use of a copper multi-shielded isolation transformer and an exclusive Superior Electric LC filter network. With an operational... [See More]

  • Protection: Line Noise; Surge; Transient
  • Input Voltage: 208 to 600
  • Apparent Power Rating: 12000 to 125000
  • Output Voltage: 120 to 480
APC AV Black 1.5kVA H Type Power Conditioner 120V -- H15BLK
from APC by Schneider Electric

Phone Line Splitter  Allows use of two pieces of equipment at once, such as a modem and phone. Resettable circuit breaker  Easy recovery from overloads; no need to replace a fuse.Protection Working Indicator  SurgeArrest will warn you if its circuitry has been damaged by heavy strike... [See More]

  • Protection: Line Noise; Voltage Sags; Surge; Transient
  • Input Voltage: 120
  • Apparent Power Rating: 1500
  • Outlets: 12
Rotary Frequency Converters -- 54**** Belted, 50:400
from Georator Corp.

Waveform: THD less than 5 %, 1.0 to 500 KVA continuous outputs available [See More]

  • Protection: Isolation; Line Noise; Surge; Transient
  • Output Voltage: 100 to 600
  • Input Voltage: 100 to 600
  • Input: 100-600, and custom
Legacy Power Conditioner -- CLC-0200-AAA
from Legacy Power Conversion

LineTamer ® power conditioners protect computers, telecommunications equipment and other sensitive electronic devices from the damage and disruptions caused by transients, surges and overvoltages, sags and undervoltages, harmonic distortion, and electrical noise. [See More]

  • Protection: Harmonics; Line Noise; Voltage Sags; Surge; Transient; Over/ Under V
  • Real Power Rating: 140
  • Apparent Power Rating: 200
  • Input Voltage: 120
Sure-Volt™ Power Conditioner -- EVR-0005-120S-AAA
from Utility Systems Technologies, Inc.

The Sure-Volt ™ voltage regulator - power conditioner provides the broadest range of protection available to guard your valuable equipment and maximize your bottom line: Industry-leading overload capacity for compatibility with all loads types. Built-in surge suppression for surges and spikes. [See More]

  • Protection: Harmonics (optional feature); Isolation; Line Noise; Short Circuit; Surge; Transient; Fault Clearing
  • Input Voltage: 120
  • Apparent Power Rating: 5000
  • Output Voltage: 120 to 600