DIN Rail Level Controllers Datasheets

2-point Level Controller Type CL with Potentiometer -- CLD2EA1C115
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

Carlo Gavazzi comprehensive range of level detection products is well suited to solve most level control applications. Our range is able to detect conductive and non-conductive liquids, granulates, grains, and plastics. We offer level sensors and level control relays for both on/off control and... [See More]

  • Form Factor: DIN
  • Features: PLC
  • Control: Limit
  • Interface: Switches
Dual Sensor Level Controller -- LVCN-130
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The LVCN-130 dual sensor controller accepts two sensor inputs for automatic filling and emptying operations. The latched 10 amp relay provides the control interface with pumps and valves. The controller has a time delay feature dampening out relay chatter. Other features include selectable normally... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Chassis; DIN
  • Inputs: 2
  • Control: Limit
  • Type: DC Voltage Inputs
Conductive Liquid Level Controller -- BS16
from Sitron

These conductive liquid level controllers are used to power all of Sitron's level probes. The BS/16 and the CN/16D are electronically controlled devices that open and close an electrical contact to effect the operation of other devices in the same, or another, electric circuit. [See More]

  • Form Factor: DIN
  • Inputs: 2
  • Control: Limit
  • Control Outputs: 1
Laureate™ -- Process Receiver
from Laurel Electronics, Inc.

Rate, linearizing, strain gauge [See More]

  • Form Factor: Chassis; DIN
  • Features: Multi-Function; PC-Based (optional feature)
  • Controller Type: Flow; Pressure
  • Interface: Digital Front Panel; Computer Programmable; Network (optional feature)
Boiler Level Controller -- LC1350
from Spirax-Sarco

The Spirax Sarco LC1350 has two alarm channels that can be independently configured high or low to control the water level of a boiler, tank or vessel by operating a pump, valve or solenoid. It has been designed as an on/off level controller for use with the LP10-4 four-tip conductivity probe... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Chassis; DIN
  • Interface: Digital Front Panel
  • Control: Limit
  • Type: Switch / Relay Input

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