Dilatometer Calorimeters and Thermal Analyzers Datasheets

Dual and Differential Dilatometer Unified In a New Concept - Vacuum-Tight, Horizontal Pushrod Dilatometer: DIL 402 CD
from NETZSCH-Ger├Ątebau GmbH

DIL 402 CD - Vacuum-tight, horizontal pushrod dilatometer. Are higher sample throughput, direct comparison of samples, and online calibration of expansion measurements important requirements for you? With the new dilatometer DIL 402 CD we handle these tasks perfectly with our unique, new instrument... [See More]

  • Thermal Analyzer Type: Dilatometer
  • Temperature Range: -180 to 2000
  • Properties Measured: Thermal Expansion Measurements
  • Features: Cooling; Atmosphere Control; Temperature Control
MTS-9000 Series
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

Multi-task control and analysis using up to 6 modules [See More]

  • Thermal Analyzer Type: Dilatometer; Differential Thermal Analysis; Magnetic Measurement
  • Thermal Analyzer Performance Specs: Data Sampling Rate: 0.1 s/data - 999 s/data
  • Properties Measured: 24 Types of Thermal Analysis Modules
  • Features: Programmable Heating