Signature or Spectra Gas Sensors Datasheets

Millennium II Infrared Combustible Gas Detector -- SC311
from Emerson Process Management, Rosemount

The SC311 delivers the latest technology advancements in infrared sensing of flammable gases in a rugged package designed for the most extreme industrial environments. Hydrocarbon gas LEL detection is fast, reliable and highly accurate with only periodic bump testing recommended and a simple annual... [See More]

  • Measurement Type: %LEL or %LFL; Signature
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
  • Sensor Technology: Infrared
  • Gas Types: Combustible
Lonestar Portable Gas Analyzer
from Owlstone Inc.

Lonestar is a portable gas analyzer that can detect a broad range of analytes at part per billion concentrations, with high selectivity in just a few seconds. [See More]

  • Measurement Type: %Volume; Trace; Signature
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
  • Sensor Technology: PID
  • Gas Types: Toxic; Combustible; Hydrocarbons; Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas (User Defined)
ELDS Open Path Gas Detector -- 1000 Series XC Coal Bed Methane Detector
from Senscient Inc.

Reliable, rapid detectionof methane concentrations in pre-combustion ventilation systems at 0.5 to 5.0 meters. 100% continuous measurement of normal gas levels present in the combustion stream and rapid, accurate detection of breakthrough gas levels for optimum safety in combustion operations. Fully... [See More]

  • Measurement Type: %LEL or %LFL; Trace; Leakage; Signature
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Single
  • Sensor Technology: Infrared; Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy
  • Gas Types: Combustible; Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas (0 to 100% LEL)