Serial Interfaces:Other Microcontrollers (MCU) Datasheets

Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application Specific -- 296-11092-ND [TUSB3210PM from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Serial Interface: Serial EEPROM
  • RAM: 8
  • Supply Voltage: 3 to 3.6
Core Module -- MODEL RCM 3000 RABBITCORE™ [RCM 3000 RabbitCore™ from Z-World/Rabbit Semiconductor]
from Electromate

With available on-board power supply, analog features, and the fastest Rabbit 3000 microprocessor, the PowerCore bridges the gap between microcontrollers and single board computers. Created specifically to reduce the effort required to build embedded control applications, the PowerCore is available... [See More]

  • Serial Interface: SPI; UART; IrDA, SDLC/HDLC, Asynchronous
  • Life Cycle Stage: Saturation
  • Data Bus: 8 Bit
  • Clock Speed: 29.4
32-bit XMC1000 Industrial Microcontroller ARM® Cortex™-M0 -- XMC1100-T016F0008 AA
from Infineon Technologies AG

32-bit Microcontrollers with ARM ® Cortex ™-M0 for a broad range of price sensitive applications however demanding state of the art functionality. Summary of Features: 8KB Flash, 16KB RAM. 1.8 - 5.5V. 4 x 16-bit timers. 6 channel 12-bit ADC. 2 channel USIC (configurable to SPI, UART, IIC,... [See More]

  • Serial Interface: I²S
  • Clock Speed: 32
  • Data Bus: 32 Bit
  • Number: 4
16-bit PIC® Microcontroller -- PIC24F04KL100
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

PIC24F 16-bit Microcontroller featuring nanoWatt XLP for eXtreme Low Power consumption. Includes PIC18 peripherals such as MSSP (I2C/SPI) and CCP for flexibility and lower cost. Ideal for cost sensitive applications requiring 16 MIPS performance. PIC24F performance with up to 16 MIPS. Best-in-class... [See More]

  • Serial Interface: UART; MSSP(SPI/I²C)
  • Clock Speed: 64
  • Data Bus: 16 Bit
  • Bits: 8 Bit; 16 Bit
from RS Components, Ltd.

Family Name:MSP430; Data Bus Width:16Bit; Function:Microcontroller; RAM Size:10kB; Program Memory Size:48kB; Program Memory Type:Flash; Interface Type:I2C/IrDA/JTAG/SCI/SPI/UART/USART; Instruction Set Architecture:RISC; Maximum Speed:8MHz; Supplier Package:LQFP [See More]

  • Serial Interface: I²C; SPI; SCI; UART; USART; IrDA
  • Clock Speed: 8
  • Data Bus: 16 Bit
  • RAM: 10
20 PIN, 7 KB FLASH, 256 RAM, 18 I/O -- 70045566 [PIC16F690-I/P from Microchip Technology, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

The peripheral-rich 8-bit PIC microcontrollers offer the best price/performance ratio in the industry, with Flash, one-time-programmable and ROM program memory options. Based on a powerful RISC core, these families feature a common architecture for easy migration from 6 to 100 pins with little or no... [See More]

  • Serial Interface: I²C; SPI; USART; EUSART,I2C/SPI
  • Clock Speed: 20
  • Data Bus: 8 Bit
  • Bits: 8 Bit; 16 Bit
89S4051 -- 1095736 [AT89S4051-24PU from Atmel Corporation]
from Farnell Europe

8BIT MCU FLASH, 89S4051, DIP20 [See More]

  • Serial Interface: ISP
  • Clock Speed: 24
  • Data Bus: 8 Bit
  • Bits: 16 Bit
from Fujitsu Semiconductor

Microcontrollers provide an efficient development system [See More]

  • Serial Interface: PS2
  • Clock Speed: 16
  • Data Bus: 16 Bit
  • Bits: 8 Bit (optional feature); 16 Bit (optional feature)
CAN-Mixed Signal MCU -- C8051F040
from Silicon Labs

The C8051F00x-01x family devices are highly integrated mixed-signal MCUs featuring a true 10 or 12-bit multi-channel ADC and two separate 12-bit DACs, two voltage comparators (F002/07/12/17 have one only), a voltage reference, and an 8051-compatible microcontroller core with 32 kB of FLASH memory. [See More]

  • Serial Interface: CAN; SPI; USART; SMBus
  • Life Cycle Stage: Saturation
  • Data Bus: 8 Bit
  • Clock Speed: 25