Digital Front Panel Dissolved CO2 Instruments Datasheets

Dissolved Organics Monitor -- AV410
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

Dissolved Organics Monitor AV410. The Dissolved Organics Monitor AV410 is designed for use on potable water treatment plants. In particular, it can be used to monitor the quality of the outlet from sand and carbon filters to provide a THM precursor measurement. Single input, cost effective, low... [See More]

  • User Controls: Digital Front Panel
  • Dissolved CO2 Range: 0 to 20
  • Form Factor: Panel (optional feature); Wall/Pipe Mount
  • Maximum Input Channels: 2
Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone Sensor -- OPTISYS CL 1100
from KROHNE, Inc.

Free chlorine/chlorine dioxide/ozone measuring system for water applications. Complete measuring system – ready to use and easy maintenance. High quality and precise gold electrodes for usage in water analysis. Membrane-free sensor for a wide application range. The OPTISYS CL 1100 measuring... [See More]

  • User Controls: Digital Front Panel
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Form Factor: Panel
Alkalinity/Direct Process Analyzer
from TOC Systems, Inc.

For use with All Star TOC Analyzers. Alkalinity/Direct Method. Avoids Titrimetric/Colorimetric Procedures. Reports Total & Phenolphthalein Alkalinity. Requires No Probes. Integrates with StarTOC Onboard Computer. Interference - Free Analysis. Completely Automatic. Rapid Response (3 - 4 Minutes). [See More]

  • User Controls: Digital Front Panel
  • Dissolved CO2 Range: 1 to 1000
  • Form Factor: Panel
  • Display Type: Digital
GE Telaire Ventostat Series Carbon Dioxide Detector
from Century Control Systems, Inc.

The GE Telaire Ventostat 8000 Series carbon dioxide detector is a commercial-grade unit designed for Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) in buildings. This approach, which uses CO2 levels as an indicator of occupancy, allows ventilation based upon actual occupancy while still maintaining ASHRAE... [See More]

  • User Controls: Digital Front Panel
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Form Factor: Panel
  • Maximum Input Channels: 1 to 2
LAN 9000 Beverage Monitor
from O. I. Analytical

Accurate, stable, continuous monitoring of sweetened and diet beverages [See More]

  • User Controls: Digital Front Panel; Computer Interface
  • Dissolved CO2 Range: 0 to 6
  • Form Factor: In-Situ / Field
  • Accuracy: 0.0200
Orion5-Star -- 1119000
from Thermo Scientific - Water Analysis/Orion Products

This highly versatile, competitively-priced, multi-channel, multi-display meter is easy to set up and use while delivering exceptional, long-life performance for demanding R &D and QA/QC applications. The rugged meter offers a full complement of GLP-related features including 21 CFR Part 11... [See More]

  • User Controls: Manual Operation; Digital Front Panel; None
  • Dissolved CO2 Range: 0 to 90
  • Form Factor: Lab / Benchtop
  • Display Type: Digital; Video