Fusible Panelboards and Switchgear Datasheets

Stand Alone DC Distribution Fuse Panel -- 020-005-20
from Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Alpha fuse panels provide reliable short circuit and over current circuit protection. Alpha offers a full range of distribution fuse panels to suit most applications. Each panel is designed to occupy a minimum amount of rack space and can be easily configured for applications requiring multiple... [See More]

  • Main Device: Fusible
  • Panels: Single-Panel (optional feature); Multi-Panel (optional feature)
  • Style: Rack Mounted
  • Max. Voltage: 12.00 to 48.00
UL/CSA Switches: Fused Coordination Panelboards -- Fused Coordination Panelboards
from Mersen

Mersen ’s Fused Coordination Panelboard is designed to meet requirements defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) to protect critical power operations. These panels are provided with a default short circuit current rating (SCCR) of 200kA and provide overcurrent protection through a... [See More]

  • Main Device: Fusible
  • Maximum Current: 250.0 to 400.0
  • Max. Voltage: 208.00 to 600.00
Power Quality -- Zenith ZDEC 2020 Modular Paralling Switchgear
from GE Digital Energy

GE Digital Energy ’s Zenith ZDEC 2020 modular paralleling switchgear (PSG) has system solutions for Emergency-Standby applications where a complete digital and manual hardwired backup controls providing 24x7x365 monitoring and reduced footprint size is desired. Integrated metering and... [See More]

  • Main Device: Breakers; Fusible
  • Panels: Multi-Panel
  • Style: Ground Mounted
  • Phase  : Three Phase
Gas-insulated switchgear 8DH10
from Siemens Energy Sector

Up to 17.5 kV, 25 kA, up to 1250 A busbar,. 630 A feeder. Up to 24 kV, 20 kA, up to 1250 A busbar,. 630 A feeder. Metal-enclosed. Single-busbar. Gas-insulated. Sealed. Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear. according IEC 62 271-200. Customer's Benefit: - Environmental Independence. -... [See More]

  • Main Device: Breakers; Fusible
  • Max. Voltage: ? to 24000.00
  • Style: Rack Mounted
  • Maximum Current: ? to 25000.0