Zener Diodes Diodes Datasheets

Diodes - Zener - Arrays -- 568-11118-1-ND [BZB84-B20,215 from NXP]
from Digi-Key Corporation


  • Diode Type: Zener
  • IF: 10
  • VF: 0.9000
  • IR: 5.00E-5
10.0V 200mW 2% Zener, SOD323F -- MM3Z10VB
from Fairchild Semiconductor

Whether you are working on a new design, upgrading an existing design or purchasing for your BOM, Fairchild provides you with industry-standard bridge rectifiers, DIACs, Schottky diodes and rectifiers, small signal diodes, transient voltage suppressors and Zener diodes. Our products offer the best... [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • IR: 1.80E-4
Zener -- 1EZ150D5
from New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.

Diode Zener Single 150V 5% 1W 2-Pin DO-41 [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • IR: 5.00E-4
  • Diode Applications: Voltage Regulation
  • Tj: -65 to 150
Bi-directional zener diodes -- RSB16F2
from ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC

ROHM's zener diodes are available in various lineup as 2-pin mold surfacemount type and complex type. [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • Tj: -55 to 150
IN5000 Series -- 1N5518
from Aeroflex / Metelics

This family of Aeroflex / Metelics Silicon Zener Avalanche Diodes includes a variety of models in various voltage ranges. They feature sharp breakdown and low leakage LVA regulators. Certain models also feature exceptionally low noise, low impedance and sharp knees for high performance, low current... [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • VF: 1.1
  • Diode Applications: Low Leakage
  • IF: 200
Diode, Zener; 10 V @ 25 mA; 1 W @ +50C (Ambient); DO-41; 7 Ohms @ 25 mA; 100 -- 70061614 [1N4740A-TR from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

General-purpose use in AC-to-DC bridge full wave rectification for Monitor, TV, Printer, Switching Mode Power Supply, Adapter, Audio equipment, and Home Appliances applications. Features: Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes. Standard Zener Voltage Tolerance Is ±5 %. Diodes Are Also... [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • IF: 200
  • VF: 1.2
  • VR: 10
SMD Zener Diode -- BZX84C2V4
from Central Semiconductor Corp.

Designed for industrial, commercial, entertainment & computer applications [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • VF: 0.9000
  • Diode Applications: Voltage Regulation
  • IF: 10
CTZ84C Series -- CTZ84C10
from Central Technologies

Planar die construction,350mW power dissipation, for assembly process [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • VR: 7
  • Diode Applications: Automated Assembly Process
  • IR: 0.2000
Silicon Zener Diode -- 1N3305B
from Elite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

1N3305B Series types are Silicon Zener Diodes, manufactured in a hermetically. sealed metal case, designed for high reliability industrial applications. Also available in reverse polarity connection. [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • IR: 0.1500
  • VR: 4.5
1800603 [DS9502P+ from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.]
from Farnell Europe

DIODE, ESD, 7.5V ZENER, 6TSOC [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener; Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes
from Jameco Electronics

@ DIODE ZENER,1N5231B,5.1V, 0.5W (10) [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • Diode Applications: Voltage Regulation
Transient Suppressor -- 1.5KE100AG
from ON Semiconductor L.L.C.


  • Diode Type: Zener; Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes
  • RoHS Compliant: RoHS
Zener Diode -- BZQ5222B
from PANJIT SemiConductor

Features: Planar Die Construction. 500mW Power Dissipation. Ideally Suited for Automated Assembly Process. In compliance with EU RoHS 2002/95/EC directives [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • VR: 1
  • Diode Applications: Voltage Regulation
  • IR: 0.1000
from Renesas Electronics

Diodes > Zener [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • Diode Applications: General
Glass Body Zener Diode -- 1N4728A
from RFE International, Inc.

Through-hole [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • VR: 1
  • Diode Applications: Rectifier
  • IR: 0.1000
2636645 [UDZSTE-174.7B from ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Configuration:Single; Nominal Zener Voltage:4.65V; Zener Voltage Tolerance:2%; Test Current:5mA; Maximum Reverse Leakage Current:2A; Maximum Zener Impedance:100Ohms; Supplier Package:SOD-323F; Pin Count:2; Maximum Operating Temperature:125C; Mounting:Surface Mount [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • Tj: ? to 125
  • IR: 2000
Discrete Surface Mounted Diode -- SMZ 1 ... SMZ 200 (2W)
from Semikron, Inc.

Zener silicon diodes. SMZ 1 ... SMZ 200 (2W). Maximum Power. Dissipation: 2 W. Nominal Z-voltage: 1 to 200 V [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener; 0
  • IR: 1.00E-3
  • VR: 90
  • Tj: -50 to 150
Zener Diodes -- 1N2970
from Solid State Power Products

Solid State MFG has been a leading semiconductor manufacturer and valued component supplier to the battery charger, plating, welding, oil field, locomotive, and rail vehicle industries for over 40 years. [See More]

  • Diode Type: Zener
  • IR: 0.1500