Alkali Metals (Li, Na, K, etc.) Inorganic Chemicals and Compounds Datasheets

Fluorad™ Battery Electrolyte -- FC-130
from 3M Electronics Design & Manufacturing

A secondary lithium ion salt, Fluorad battery electrolyte FC-130 does not corrode aluminum at high voltages - offering manufacturers increased flexibility to develop better performing batteries. [See More]

  • Type: Other; Battery Electrolyte
  • Chemical Name: Lithium Ion Salt
  • Salts: All Inorganic Salts
  • State of Matter: Powders
Chlorine-36 radionuclide as potassium chloride
from American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.

Concentration: 1 mCi/ml. Specific Activity: 2-20 mCi/gm (74-740 MBq/gm). Molecular Weight: 74.5. Solvent: Aqueous solution. Synonym: Cl-36 radionuclide [See More]

  • Chemical Name: Chlorine-36 radionuclide as potassium chloride
  • Chemical Formula: KCl
High Purity Powder -- Cesium Bicarbonate
from Aremco Products, Inc.

Aremco offers a wide range of high purity metals and ceramics that are applicable to scientists and engineers involved in basic research and applied product development. [See More]

  • Type: Other; Transition Metal Compound
  • State of Matter: Powders
  • Chemical Name: Cesium Bicarbonate
Caustic Soda -- Liquid Caustic Soda
from Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Liquid Caustic Soda (50%) Membrane-Grade (Sodium Hydroxide) [See More]

  • Bases: All Inorganic Bases; Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)
  • Chemical Formula: NaOH
  • Chemical Name: Caustic Soda
  • State of Matter: Liquids
Potassium Nitrate ACS Crystals -- 3660
from Jost Chemical USA

Colorless crystal [See More]

  • Chemical Name: Potassium Nitrate ACS Crystals
  • CAS Number: 7757-79-1
  • Chemical Formula: KNO3
  • State of Matter: Bulk Solids or Granules
Betamethasone 21-phosphate sodium salt -- B1878
from LKT Laboratories, Inc.

A water soluble, anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid. It has exhibited an antiulcerative effect on colonic lesions. LKT Labs is a research and development company focused on the discovery of specialty chemicals for cancer chemoprevention. We produce and distribute unique chemicals and biochemicals for... [See More]

  • Type: Bio-Inorganic Compounds
  • Chemical Name: (11
  • Salts: All Inorganic Salts
  • CAS Number: 516.4
Specialty Inorganic Chemicals
from Materion Corporation

Borides. Carbides. Fluorides. Hydrides. Nitrides. Oxides. Phosphides. Selenides. Tellurides. High purity materials. Standard items are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, from fine powders to coarse pieces. Custom manufacturing can achieve the composition and particle size required for your... [See More]

  • Type: Bio-Inorganic Compounds
100% Lithium Metaborate -- GF-200
from Premier Lab Supply, Inc.

X-ray fusion flux composed of 100% Lithium Metaborate, sold in 2 kilo bottles. [See More]

  • Chemical Name: 100% Lithium Metaborate