Cubic Boron Nitride Powder
from Advanced Abrasives Corp.

cBNP is the clear winner when machining ferrous materials. It is second only to diamond in hardness. cBNP has a high thermal conductivity which makes it ideal for high temperature applications. [See More]

  • Material Type: Boron Nitride; SpecialtyMaterial
  • Applications: Abrasive Applications
  • Shape / Form: Powder, Grain or Grog
  • Bond & Processing: Sintered / Fired (optional feature)
High Precision Spacers & Holders
from Insaco, Inc.

Custom machined and finished ceramic spacers and holders [See More]

  • Material Type: Alumina; Sapphire (optional feature); Silicate / Clay; Cordierite (optional feature); Silica or fused silica (optional feature); Steatite (optional feature); Aluminum Nitride (optional feature); Boron Nitride (optional feature); SpecialtyMaterial (optional feature)
  • Applications: Electronics or semiconductors; HV / Electrical; Structural; Wear resistant parts or tooling
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Performance Features: Machinable ceramic; Meet Mil-STD-45662 & -45208
Boron Nitride Ceramic Component
from San Jose Delta Associates, Inc.

Boron nitride is offered in several grades each with unique materal properties. All however, are readily machinable; much like green (not sintered), alumina BN allows drilling, tapping, treads etc. without the need for diamond tools. Hot-Pressed Boron Nitride Shapes Hot-pressed BN is compacted at... [See More]

  • Material Type: Boron Nitride; SpecialtyMaterial
  • Max Use Temperature: 850 to 2000
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Thermal Conductivity: 11 to 130
Ceramabond -- 690
from Aremco Products, Inc.

Halogen lamps, max temp is 1560 °F in an oxidizing atmosphere [See More]

  • Material Type: Boron Nitride
  • CTE: 3.60E6
  • Max Use Temperature: 1482
  • Applications: Abrasives, ceramics or glass manufacturing; Chemical or material processing; Corrosion resistant; HV / Electrical; Fiberoptics, Radiant Heaters, Temp Probe; Refractory or High Temperature Insulation