Mullite Industrial Ceramic Materials Datasheets

Mullite Custom Shapes
from Accuratus Corporation

Mullite is a good, low cost refractory material with a nominal composition of 3Al2O3 •2SiO2. The raw materials for mullite are easily obtainable and are reasonably priced. It has excellent high temperature properties with improved thermal shock and thermal stress owing to the low thermal... [See More]

  • Material Type: Mullite; SpecialtyMaterial
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
from CoorsTek

CoorsTek has carried a single grade of mullite for specialized applications for decades. [See More]

  • Material Type: Mullite; SpecialtyMaterial
  • CTE: 5.3
  • Thermal Conductivity: 3.5
  • Density: 2.8
Ceramic Thermocouple Insulator -- FRA Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

•. Available in a Wide Range of Sizes. •. Single Hole, Two Hole and Four Hole Insulators. •. Service Temperature up to 1950 °C(3540 °F) with OMEGATITE ® 450 [See More]

  • Material Type: Alumina; Mullite (optional feature); SpecialtyMaterial
  • Shape / Form: Tube
  • Composition: 99.8% Al2O3, 99% Al2O3, 80% Mullite, 20% Glass
  • Length: 6
ALTRA® Alumina Bulk Fiber -- ALTRA® B 72
from Rath Incorporated

Mullite composition, superior thermal shrinkage resistance, compressibility and resiliency. Preferred composition for vacuum forming of boards for oxidizing and neutral atmospheres up to 1800 °C. [See More]

  • Material Type: Alumina; Silicate / Clay; Silica or fused silica; Mullite; SpecialtyMaterial
  • Max Use Temperature: 1800
  • Composition: 71%Al2O3-28%SiO2-0.1%Fe2O3-0.2%Other Oxides
  • Applications: Foundry / Metal Processing; Abrasives, ceramics or glass manufacturing; Chemical or material processing; Thermal Insulation or Fire Proofing Material; Refractory or High Temperature Insulation