Elastomer / Rubber Polymers and Plastic Resins Datasheets

MIL-SPEC Approved Rubber Materials
from Advanced Technology Supply, Inc.

In an effort to standardize and approve materials for use by the branches of military service and the US Department of Defense, Mil Specs were designed for engineers to locate and choose materials for specific military applications. Those specs have been tested and approved for application within... [See More]

  • Filler: Unfilled
AFLAS® Fluoroelastomer -- 100H
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

AFLAS ® Fluoroelastomers are the materials of choice for products and systems that work in tough environments and require high reliability. Alternating copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene, AFLAS imparts unique properties over conventional FKM-type fluoroelastomers. We offer three... [See More]

  • Type: MoldingCompound
  • Industry: Automotive; Sanitary
  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Tensile (Break): 3046
Artificial Turf Solutions - Backing
from Dow Polyurethanes

DOW ™ Polyurethane backings from Dow increase tuft strength and improve product ’s overall performance. DOW ™ ENFORCER ™ Sport and DOW ™ ENHANCER ™ Sport polyurethane systems provide a range of benefits for artificial turf, including: Stable, uniform playing... [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic; CastingResin
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane
  • Industry: Repair or Construction; Artificial Turf
Ecdel™ Elastomer 9965
from Eastman Chemical Company

Ecdel ™ elastomers are medical grade copolyester ethers (COPE). They offer the clarity, toughness, and chemical resistance needed in a variety of flexible packaging including medical applications. Ecdel ™ Elastomer 9965 may be injection molded or extruded. Ecdel ™ elastomers may be... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary
  • Tensile (Break): 3437
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.1900
  • Elongation: 26.0
Dow Corning 4 Catalyst Silicone Rubber Curing Agent 45g Tube -- 4-CATALYST 45G TUBE
from Ellsworth Adhesives

Easily mixed and poured, cures at room temperature, gives accurate reproductions of masters for mold making with primer, wide service temperature ranges and absorbs mechanical shock and vibration. 45 gram tube. Used for potting and encapsulating electrical/electronic products and mold making; can be... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Industry: OEM or Industrial
  • Form / Shape: Liquid
  • Use Temperature: -67 to 392
Filter-bond™ Elastomeric Casting and Potting Compound -- E-3264
from Hapco, Inc.

Filter-bond ™ is a series of casting and potting compounds ideally suited for potting, sealing, and bonding filtration and ultrafiltration products. The Filter-bond ™ E-Series is manufactured to ultra-high quality standards and has been used by customers to pass FDA approval. Filter-bond... [See More]

  • Type: CastingResin
  • Form / Shape: Liquid
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Industry: Sanitary
from Master Bond, Inc.

Master Bond Polymer System EP21DP11 is a low viscosity, two component flame retardant epoxy compound for high performance, chemical resistant casting, coating, and potting applications, formulated to cure at ambient temperatures or more rapidly at elevated temperatures, with a convenient two (2) to... [See More]

  • Type: Thermally cured; CastingResin
  • Form / Shape: Liquid
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane; Epoxy
  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Electronics; Electrical Power or High Voltage; Laminating; Marine; Military; Optoelectronics or Photonics; OEM or Industrial; Semiconductors or IC Packaging; Chemical/Oil Processing/Metal Working
Liquid Silicone Resin -- SILRES® H62 C
from Wacker Chemical Corp.

ES ® H62 C is a solvent-free, liquid silicone resin which is cured by heat. Special features. is a methylphenylvinylhydrogen polysiloxane not modified with organic components;. is of very low volatility (suitable for vacuum pressure impregnation);. is cured by heat through catalysed... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Form / Shape: Liquid
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.2000
Base Resistant Elastomer -- 3M™ Dyneon™ BRE 7231X
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

3M ™ Base Resistant Elastomers are typically used for sealing environments with aggressive, low pH chemical exposure. Product Features. Excellent Amine Resistance. Typical Applications. Oil and Gas Exploration. Automotive Shaft Seals. Lubricant Applications [See More]

  • Type: Thermally cured; MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Fluoropolymer
  • Industry: Automotive; Marine; OEM or Industrial; Oil & Gas Exploration
Styroflex 2G 66
from BASF USA Corporation

A styrene-butadiene block copolymer; at least 65% styrene content [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic; Thermally cured; ExtrusionGrade; MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Styrene or Polystyrene
  • Industry: Electronics; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
Baytec® ENC -- BAYTEC ENC 140 P
from Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Baytec ENC-140P is an epoxy-modified polypropylene. oxide-based triol. It is used as the hydroxy coreactant. in the production of hard, tough polyurethane. elastomers with excellent long-term high-temperature. resistance. With Baytec ENC 88 isocyanate, a rigid. elastomer is obtained that is capable... [See More]

  • Type: MoldingCompound
  • Form / Shape: Liquid; Pellets
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane
  • Industry: Electronics; Produces Polyurethane Elastomers
12 -14 Shore A, Translucent Two Component Condensation Cure Moldmaking Silicone -- Bluesil V-1068
from Bluestar Silicones USA Corp.

Properties. Viscosity 35000. Hardness Sha 13. Description. Bluesil V-1068 is a translucent, high strength, two component, tin catalyzed, room temperature cure silicone rubber. It is designed as a 14 Durometer (Shore A), very pourable low viscosity rubber providing excellent physical properties, long... [See More]

  • Type: MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Form / Shape: Liquid
from Chi Mei Corporation

Chimei's BR has high purity, is odorless, and has good luster in appearance. It can be used for GPPS modification to obtain HIPS with high drop impact strength (FDI) and low gel content. [See More]

  • Type: MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Polybutadiene
  • Industry: GPPS Impact Resistance Modifier
Dow Corning Toray SE 4402
from Dow Corning Automotive Solutions

One-part, grey, heat cure, good flowability, thermally conductive, controlled volatility. [See More]

  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Form / Shape: Liquid
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Industry: Automotive
AFFINITY Polyolefin Plastomers -- AFFINITY™ EG 8100G
from Dow Elastomers

When it comes to packaging and molded products, customers demand high performance goods, while you need cost effective and easy to process components. AFFINITY ™ Polyolefin Plastomers can help you address this need. AFFINITY offers excellent adhesion at high and low temperatures, outstanding... [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic; ExtrusionGrade; FilmGrade; MoldingCompound
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Industry: Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
Calprene® Hydrogenated Rubber Styrene-Ethylene/Butylene-Styrene (SEBS) -- CH-6110
from Dynasol Elastomers

Calprene ® 6110 is a thermoplastic copolymer Ethylene-Butylene/Styrene (70/30), polymerized in solution and having a linear structure. Benefits. Excellent UV, ozone and temperature resistance. Easy oil absorption. High compatibility with polyolefins. Excellent mechanical properties. FDA... [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Chemical System: Styrene Copolymer
One Component Silicone Thermal Grease -- 50-1220
from Epoxies Etc...

50-1220 is a one component thermal grease. This heavy filled Heat Sink Compound promotes high thermal conductivity, low bleed, and high temperature stability. [See More]

  • Chemical System: Silicone
  • Industry: Electronics; Electrical Power or High Voltage; OEM or Industrial
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Features: Thermally Conductive
Exxcore™ DVA resins
from ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Making less count for more. Exxcore dynamically vulcanized alloy (DVA) resin, a blend of specialty elastomer and nylon, is our next-generation resin for advanced tire innerliners. With Exxcore DVA-based innerliners, tire manufacturers can create tires that are lighter and more durable because they... [See More]

  • Type: Thermally cured
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Filler: Unfilled
FIBROFLEX® Forming Elastomer -- Type 5
from Fibro, Inc.

Square, round & triangle (solid,hollow) bar; sheet, pads, washers available [See More]

  • Type: Thermally cured
  • Industry: Tooling; Bumper Stops, Ejector/Forming Pads
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane
  • Use Temperature: -62 to 70
GI CD-10
from Grant Industries, Inc.

GI CD-10 is a volatile, high viscosity elastomer dispersion in cyclopentasiloxane. INCI NAME. Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Stearoxymethicone/Dimethicone Copolymer (and) Dimethicone [See More]

  • Viscosity: 500000 to 800000
GSP 1586-2
from GS Polymers, Inc.

Two part, 2:1, impact resistant, fast cure casting system [See More]

  • Type: Thermally cured
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane
  • Industry: OEM or Industrial; Tooling
Xarec® WA Grade -- 210
from Idemitsu Chemical Co.

Material: Xarec WA210. Better humidity resistance than PBT or Nylon. Better dimensional stability than PBT or Nylon. Faster cycle time and easier flow in tools than PBT. Lighter weight than PBT. Application Requirements: USCAR Class 3 heat and humidity resistance. Dimensional tolerance accuracy for... [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic; MoldingCompound
  • Filler: Glass or FRP
  • Chemical System: Styrene or Polystyrene
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
Cariflex Isoprene Rubber (IR) -- IR0307 K
from Kraton Polymers LLC

Kraton isoprene rubbers (IR) are high molecular weight, anionically polymerized polyisoprene that can be processed in the same way as a natural rubber, including vulcanization. They combine the key qualities of natural rubber such as good mechanical properties and hysteresis with superior features... [See More]

  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Industry: Sanitary; Adhesives, Sealant & Coatings, Compounding & Personal Hygiene
from LG Chemical of America Inc.

KEYFLEX BT is a thermoplastic copolyester elastomer that has been developed with polymerization and compounding technologies. KEYFLEX TO is a thermoplastic olefin elastomer that boasts excellent elastomer properties due to a large amount of rubber (EPDM) distributed inside polypropylene. [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic
  • Chemical System: Polypropylene
NOTIO™ Nano-Crystal Structure Controlled Elastomer
from Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.

NOTIO ™ is a flexible, low density, transparent elastomer with excellent heat resistance. The resin is not cross- linked and demonstrates superior elasticity. NOTIO's crystalline and amorphous structure (morphology) is controlled at the nano scale, allowing for the realization of properties... [See More]

Elastamax® -- EG-9065
from PolyOne Corporation

New class of olefinic themoplastic elastomer with Engage ® [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic; ExtrusionGrade; MoldingCompound
  • Tensile (Break): 430
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Elongation: 420.0
40 A Durometer Black Nitrile -- 4140
from Real Seal Company

Engineered Thermoset Rubber Components. Rubber has its own unique array of available materials and associated properties, and can be produced in almost any conceivable configuration, including bonding to metal components. Rubber materials possess some physical properties that are superior to many... [See More]

  • Type: Thermally cured; MoldingCompound
  • Form / Shape: Pellets
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Industry: Automotive; Repair or Construction; OEM or Industrial; Tooling
Polysulfide rubber -- 588 - 100gm
from Scientific Polymer Products, Inc.

[bis(2-chloroethyl) formal/sodium polysulfide/1,2,3-trichloropropane] terpolymer, mercaptan terminated [See More]

Vinyl Compound -- 5199-80 Natural
from Sylvin Technologies, Inc.

Sylvin 5199-80 Natural Is A RoHS Compliant Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloy Compound Formulated For Use As Insulation On Portable Power Cables. [See More]

  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Tensile (Break): 2300
  • Use Temperature: 221
  • Elongation: 325.0
Hytrel® Polyester Elastomer
from Toray Industries (America), Inc.

Hytrel ® is a high performance engineering elastomer which possesses the combined properties of rubber and engineering thermoplastics. Hytrel ® offers many unique characteristics, such as excellent strength, heat resistance, low temperature properties, chemical resistance and its good... [See More]

  • Type: MoldingCompound
  • Chemical System: Thermoplastic Polyester (PET, PBT, etc.)
EPDM Material -- E7502
from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Designed for use in sanitary installations such as valves, meters & showers [See More]

  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Industry: Sanitary
Custom Elastomeric Spheres -- Vernay V-Balls®
from Vernay Laboratories, Inc.

Custom made to order with over 23,000 proprietary elastomeric formulations [See More]

  • Type: Thermoplastic (optional feature); Thermally cured (optional feature)
  • Filler: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Polyurethane (optional feature); Acrylic or Polyacrylate (optional feature); Silicone (optional feature)
  • Industry: Automotive; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial; Valves